Timeless Fall Wedding Invites

Who does not want to share the warmth and excitement of their wedding with their friends and family members? What if you think about having classic and vintage style wedding invites for your wedding? Or think about seasons as a theme for the card? Would not fall be the best seasonal theme for any wedding invites? It is indeed, that is why many people love to create fall wedding cards. 

If you also want to get the best card, it is essential that you should know the best designs. The idea of having fall wedding invites is to get a timeless and elegant wedding invitation, that you can keep for ages, and your next generations can feel proud of you for choosing some ageless designs. So let us see what would be the best fall wedding invites. 

The simple design fall 

This will be a DIY wedding invite. You do not have to think much while decorating this card. It requires a simple back base, it should be of beige or light brown shade. Then with a shadow colour, like grey or light brown colour, you should create a fall leaves. If you do not have a photo editor, then you should get some ready-made templates available on the internet. 

This will be pasted at the base. Ensure that this fall leaf is a bit symbolic of the fall, and it must depict the feeling we all get after seeing such leaves in fall. 

Then on top of it, with a warm colour, you should enter all the details of the event. This is it, you do not have to do much, it is simple yet elegant, and above all, it carries the warmth of fall. Thanks to the colour palette chosen for this card. 

The dark green

If you are a harry potter fan, then brown and greens must be your favourite colours. Moreover, thanks to Halloween in October, we would love to have the dark green invitations. Thes invitations are not as dark you might think now. Let us reveal with you the idea of the card. 

It will have a dark background, it can be a blackish dark green colour, as it will help you enhance the lighter colours. 

Now the other three colours that are used to create this dark green theme wedding invitations are, whites, light greens, and yellow. At the borders of this invitation, you will have to create a lot of yellow leaves, as they are the ones depicting the fall feel. These can be leaves of various sizes and shapes. However, you should follow the sequence. 

If you are creating these cards at home, then you must use an application. Create a pattern of this leafy design, then make a sequence and paste it around the base card. Make sure that the leaves are not too yellow, mustard and beige colours would work if the base colour is dark green. 

Then on the centre of the card, you should use white colour, add all the details. The reason why you must use white shades for the centre to add details is to make the necessary information prominent on the card. Never use dark on dark especially when you are supposed to add information. 

The blues and the fall leaves

Just like the dark greens the dark blue or the royal blue can also be a great choice here. However, in this case, the base will be royal blue, and the other colours can be pink, white, or beige. 

It will be the same typical rectangular invitation, and at the borders, you will draw the fall leaves, just like you did for the dark green invitation. Then at the centre, while using a light colour, you will add vibrance to the card, and information too. 

Maroon invitation 

Have you ever seen a maroon-colored painting with lighter tones on it? If you have not then you are missing some of the great art pieces. Maroon is the colour of life. In fall it gives the same vibe as a hot drink or juice. So to add some colours to the wedding invitation it would be better to have maroon and pink colored cards. 


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