7 Things To Know About Panama

Panama is a wonderful place to visit and to live. If you have never before visited Panama, no doubt you have lots of questions. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular inquiries when it comes to traveling to Panama, and see if we can’t get some of your questions answered before you make your final plans.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the monetary exchange. They do honor the American dollar in Panama but also use the Balboa. One United States dollar is equal to one Balboa, so it should be easy to remember. Be sure to bring plenty of money so that you can bring home lots of souvenirs!

How Much Money Will You Need Each Day While In Panama?

Of course, this is largely dependent on how big of a spender you are but if you use local transportation, keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum, try to eat cheap most of the time, and stay at a low-budget hostile or something similar, you can usually get by for $45 US a day. That does not include special tours, souvenirs, or extravagant restaurants and hotels. If you find yourself short on funds while you’re visiting Panama, no worries. The folks back home can send you money through Sharemoney.com

Is There Plenty to Do in Panama?

If you do decide to partake in a couple of activities, there are island cruises, a visit to the canal, guided day hikes, scuba diving, and coffee tours. Visiting lesser-known destinations will save you money in the long run, but there are amazing well-known sites that should not be missed if you have the funds.

Well-known, highly recommended sites are the Panama Canal, the historical Panama Viejo (complete with the museum), Bocas Town (perfect for divers), San Bas Islands, Santa Catalina (for surfing), and Metropolitan Natural Park.

The Best Restaurants

Depending on what you want to eat, there are many intriguing restaurants in Panama. The following are two top-rated places (both in Panama City):

  • Donde Jose – this eatery serves Central American, South American, and Latin cuisine. The price is a little steep, but the experience is unsurpassed. Service, presentation, and the food itself are all superior.
  • Madrigal – if you are concerned about gluten-free options, vegan options, or just want to enjoy some great Mediterranean, this moderately pricey restaurant is what you’ve been looking for. It offers both an a la carte menu and a tasting menu.

How Do You Get Around?

There are overnight buses and regular buses that serve the country. For roughly $4 US, you can travel from one side of Panama City to the other. If you’re looking to save money, however, steer clear of the intra-country flights. Stay on the bike paths if you rent a bike because it’s not very safe to bike on the roads.

How Are the Accommodations?

As referenced earlier, Panama hostels are the way to go if you want to save big bucks. Some of them have free breakfast and Wi-Fi. Private double rooms can go for $4 US a night, but if you don’t need all that much privacy, you can spend approximately $12 US for a dorm room setting. If a budget hotel is more up your alley, each night could cost you around $20 US. You may pay $60 US a night if you’re looking for breakfast, air-conditioning, and a private bath. One night’s stay at an apartment or home is likely to run you roughly $60 US per night. And for the campers, the nightly charge is around $10 US.

Looking for a Little Night Action?

If you don’t mind spending a little money, because you absolutely have to get out and enjoy the nightlife, here are a few suggestions:

  • Gamboa City Landing – a favorite nightclub in Panama.
  • Ibiza Club – a nightclub suitable for singles, dates, or groups. It is casual and has great cocktails.
  • Zona Viva – this disco club is casual and serves top-rated drinks.

Panama’s Cultural Events

Those looking for festivals and parties will find no shortage of good times in Panama. The following are Panama’s top five events:

  • October, Festival de Cristo Negro de Portobelo
  • January, Panama Jazz Festival
  • November, Fiestas Patrias
  • September, Festival de la Mejorana en Guarare
  • March, Carnaval de las Tablas

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