Your Green Guide: The Latest Sustainable Home Trends and Design

Are you passionate about keeping the planet healthy? Do you want to incorporate your green values into your everyday life? Good news: you don’t have to sacrifice style to live in a home that’s up to your high sustainability standards!

Green homes are becoming more popular and more beautiful than ever as the importance of energy efficiency and eco-friendly designs increases. Check out these home trends and design tips that can turn your house into a sustainable dream home! 

The Right Materials

Your green home design begins with choosing the right materials! There are countless furniture and decor items made with recycled and sustainable materials. Natural items, like real wood floors and stone countertops, are the perfect place to begin reducing the impact of harmful materials.

Go the “reuse” route by styling your home with antique or restored pieces. Decorating with house plants is another way to bring natural elements into your sustainable home design – and to keep your air fresh, too!

Sustainable Lighting

Lighting is often a focal point in interior design, and there are more sustainable options than ever! Find lamps and fixtures that can brighten entire spaces with less energy.

If you’re not looking to upgrade your fixtures, you can still light your home with efficiency. Switch to eco-friendly LED bulbs. You can also get adjustable light bulbs to meet your needs throughout the day. 

The most sustainable lighting is, of course, sunshine! Arrange your furniture to take advantage of your windows by putting desks and tables near them rather than beds or empty spaces. Pick out sheer or light curtains that will let the sun in, too. 

Energy Efficiency

You can upgrade your design with stylish and trendy smart technologies. Energy Star appliances, smart thermostats, and timed lighting are all simple ways to increase efficiency. Replacing windows with more energy-efficient models is another one of many home design trends in the green community.

Solar panels are also growing in popularity! They can meet all of your energy needs without producing greenhouse gases. Learn more about energy-efficient home design with solar panels at

Don’t Forget the Outside

The green home design extends to your outdoor space and landscaping as well! You can use natural materials to build the patio of your dreams. There are eco-friendly awnings that can provide much-needed shade as well.

Even if you don’t want to plant a sustainable home garden, your landscaping choices can have a big impact! Research local plants to function with the ecosystem in your neighborhood. Or, find plants and designs that will hold up against drought and other extreme weather.

Find More Home Trends and Design Tips Now!

Your eco-friendly dream home is closer than you realize! Use these tips now, then keep looking for more home trends and design elements that are good for the planet! 

If you found this article helpful, don’t stop here! There are hundreds more tips and tricks on the home decor and lifestyle sections of this site. Keep exploring to find all the interior design help you need!

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