The Right Use of MDM in Schools.

This world has become more digital and technology-based than it ever was. Now, if you want to succeed and get ahead of the others in the race, you ought to take steps to understand digital technology and use it for your benefit. Now is the time for less manpower and more technology, so what are you waiting for then? Even the kids are getting used to using digital media for all sorts of things that they wish to do. From entertainment to studies, everything is roaming around digital media for them. But, is it even safe?

There were several thoughts and even implementations about using technology for the educational purpose of the kids to make them understand better, but ever since COVID has happened, it has become a mandatory thing. Virtual
classes, presentations, and even exams have got all of us thinking that maybe using digital aids at school might help the kids understand the concepts better. While many of the institutes are already practicing such things, there are several that are hesitant to put this into practice because of the kids being distracted. For them, the IT experts have come forward with the concept of mobile device management.

Mobile device management solutions are much more than just monitoring and tracking the kids. It is about managing the devices they are using at school and making sure that they are not using the technology for the wrong purpose while they are at school. Also, it is about making lessons easier to understand since we know how the attention span of the kids has changed through these years and how they can understand screens better than books. Though books are an essential part of their lives, still to understand the concepts better, you can use animations, presentations, and other digital aids. Along with this, they need access to the internet at school so that they can get creative with whatever they are learning.

Why do Schools Need Mobile Device Management Solutions?

Giving internet access to the kids is not a big deal as they already have got that in their homes as well. But we don’t know how much protection their parents are providing to prevent their kids from falling into the dangers of
media. The same is the responsibility of school management while the kids are at school supposed to be learning. When you provide them with internet access, they could use it for any purpose that they want. They can do the things that they are not supposed to be doing. They can do the things that they are afraid of doing at home because of their parents. That’s why management needs to provide a better solution. Here are a bunch of more reasons for you to understand what kids are capable of:

Distraction from Studies

Though smartphones are a requirement of time as parents also want to know where their kids are, what they are doing, and stuff like that. But when they have unlimited access to the smartphones and internet at school, how will they focus on their studies? They will wait for the notifications, they will check their phone, again and again, they will scroll through social media most of the time, and they will even involve their friends in these activities that seem to
be much fun. If they are glued to their smartphones all the time, how will they focus on the lessons being taught in front of them? Smartphones are a source of distraction for kids.

Censored Content

There are certain things that they might not be allowed to do at school, and they will have the benefit at school for doing that. When they are given systems with unlimited and uncensored access to the whole internet, they can
reach out to any sort of content that they want. They can download apps, they can open websites that they shouldn’t, and that is the start of them being spoiled at school where they are supposed to be learning. If they get unlimited
use of smartphones, they are more likely going to use them to access such things instead of learning.

Peer Pressure

With no smartphones, there could be minor un-harmful things that the friends can make each other do. But when they have smartphones in their hands with unlimited access to the internet, they can do the things that they are not
supposed to be doing with the help of their friends. If someone has got access to porn, they could get their friends to do the same while they are at school. There are a lot of other things that friends do just to become cool or to make
better friendships.

How Can Mobile Device Management Solution Help?

With a good MDM solution, you don’t have to worry about what the kids are doing at school. They will get access to the things that they are supposed to see and use, and every other thing can be blocked. MDM helps you use digital technology for the sole purpose of learning only while giving the kids access to the internet as they want. This is how it works:

  • All the unnecessary and wrong sort of content will be blocked. They will not
    be able to get access to the websites that they are supposed to use. Also,
    there will be only a few apps that they are allowed to install for
    education purposes only. This way, they will be given independence but for
    the sake of learning only.
  • Social media can be blocked if it is causing much of issues for their attention.
    They could be checking their social media again and again, and it might be
    keeping them from focusing on their studies. You can get the IT admin to
    block such apps and websites to keep the kids stuck to their studies only.
  • Any class presentations and virtual meetings can be monitored by the IT admin
    using MDM so that they can make sure that there is no issue in the
    networking and internet. If any issue arises, they can correct it right
    away before the kids lose their attention. Also, they can make sure that
    the kids are getting pure learning only.
  • Kiosk feature is also offered by MDM solution that can help you with the special
    devices that can be used in school only to help the kids with studies
    only. Kiosk devices cannot perform any other function that the kids or
    anyone want. They are restricted to only a few apps so that the kids can
    stick to the learning only.

VantageMDM is the best solution that you can get to make learning better at your school. You can use it to know if kids are alright and they are doing good, if they are making the right progress, if they are getting a good education and other things. Also, you can make sure that the kids are not going to be distracted for most time of the day at school.

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