The new challenges of packaging, between matter and immateriality 

Nowadays, companies must be able to bring to life promotional strategies that deeply stimulate the target audience, inducing them to make a purchase (even impulsively) or otherwise prefer their product over those offered by competitors. To achieve these goals, it is necessary for brands to begin to adopt an operational approach that transcends the materiality of the product, and to be able to devise promotional strategies that can engage the user at a much deeper level, interacting directly with the most hidden aspects of his or her consciousness. 

It is no coincidence that many brands are already trying to shift the main focus of their actions to the intangible aspects of the product, the intangible value of the purchase experience and subsequent use, rather than the product itself and its physical characteristics. In order to sell, one must in fact strike the consumer directly at the heart, even before he or she actually begins to use the purchased good. 

A global challenge 

One of the most delicate tasks, from this point of view, is the one related to the creation of a successful packaging, an eye-catching package with a great aesthetic impact, capable of attracting the attention of an extremely varied audience, composed not only of the target audience (which must always represent the main objective of any campaign) but also of simple curious people able to appreciate the beauty and aesthetic refinement of a package. 

In fact, packaging represents a medium of extreme importance in the process of rapprochement between the end consumer and his or her target company: the public sometimes simply buys products only because of an irresistible attraction to the box or packaging in which they are contained, because of an unmentionable liking of an aesthetic nature for the outer wrapping of a certain product, in short, for a whole series of irrational reasons that have almost nothing to do with the real need to buy that particular service proposed by the brand. When this happens, it means that the company has been able to affect its customer at an extremely deep level, intervening directly in the darkest and deepest areas of his consciousness.

One of the most difficult challenges, for those involved in packaging, is to create an aesthetically pleasing package that also encapsulates the intangible aspects related to the product, such as everything that has to do with promises of future benefits, the improvement of one’s health or spiritual well-being, or even all those informational contents that, placed on the product label, often contribute decisively to its commercial success. In an industry such as the food-related sector, where the public may not even be perfectly familiar with all the information about the product, what is stated on the packaging, and even its outward appearance, could prove decisive at the time of actual purchase. 

Online packaging 

Successful packaging can also effectively engage the services sold online: in this case, brands will have to work hard to immerse their promises and promotional content in a vibrant, glittering atmosphere, also made possible by the high-end graphics that could be used to enrich a website, social media channel, corporate blog, or any other virtual space available to the brand. 

An aesthetically pleasing graphic layout will not only improve the overall user experience, but also entice potential customers to linger longer on the company’s online pages and perhaps even make a few purchases. In the world panorama of brands, among those that have already managed to package their services in the best possible way, offering a kind of virtual packaging of the highest level, there are certainly some of the best online portals dedicated to gambling, just like those offered by the safest betting sites in Saudi Arabia, which within their sites and even in the individual games always offer extremely lively and pleasant graphics, capable of instantly improving the mood of the players and to prepare them in the best possible way for the enjoyment of their online fun. 

In every section of the portal – in the catalog of gambling and betting sites, but also in the area dedicated to reviews and very useful guides for players -, the graphics and visual effects are always maintained on a very high level, forming a kind of virtual package that exerts great attractive power for all users of the network. 

By devoting more time to improving their packaging, brands will not only achieve an increase in their sales, but will also be able to establish a much more intimate and deeper relationship with their audience.

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