The Most Unusual Professions Around the Globe

What do you enjoy doing while having free time: watching Netflix, going online on the internet to bet on 20Bet football betting, or dancing on your bed? It doesn’t matter: today, you will find a job in any of these spheres. And these are the 10 most unusual professions around the globe.

Penguin Flipper

Only two people in the world have such an unusual profession. When landing at polar stations in Antarctica, the penguins are blown away by the waves from the planes. Unfortunately, the animals themselves cannot cope with such trouble. That’s what penguin flippers are for. The body of these birds is clumsy, so they can become easy prey for predators. Then a specially trained person comes to the rescue.

Toilet Guide

Where can a toilet guide work? In Japan and China, of course. Because of the overpopulation and the fast pace of life there it is quite easy to get lost. And in case of need, anyone can turn to a toilet guide. He charges about 4 cents for his work. A man with such an interesting profession will tell you how to get to the nearest restroom.

Golf Ball Diver

Another interesting profession. Golf is generally considered a game for the rich. That is why they can afford to hire such a specialist. Golf courses are often located near bodies of water. And the balls often fall there. To help in such cases come professional divers. They can earn up to $100,000 a year for their work. Golf coaching Sydney also proves profitable, even if it is not as unusual as golf ball diving.

Parmesan Listener

Where can you meet a person with such a profession? Certainly in Italy. There live true connoisseurs of cheese, so it is customary there to determine the readiness of Parmesan by ear. The listener knocks on the product every day, and every day the sound is different. He has to be careful to notice the slightest change. This type of cheese usually matures for about three years. The closer the product is to readiness, the rangier the sound. If you’ve devoted several years to music school and haven’t found where you can make a living at it, congratulations, your ear is perfect for this profession.

Ant Catcher

In fact, this profession is complicated and related to medicine. The specialist must have a good understanding of the species of ants and know the peculiarities of their behavior. It is important to choose the most hardy and healthy individuals. Then they are placed in a special mini-farm, where they bring offspring. And the venom of the insects is used for medicines.

Surfing Instructor for Dogs

Lovers of conquering the waves are accustomed to the sport and their pets. In Southern California, there is a whole team at the Loews Hotel that teaches dogs how to surf. The specialist must have a lot of experience in this business and love animals to get to the position. But what a lot of pleasant emotions and fun!

Food Stylist

With the development of social media, there is a new job – a food stylist. The specialist is hired by chefs in restaurants and bloggers. The task is to make the food tasty and beautiful to look at. In the past, professional filming and composing “onions” for food was done for various cookbooks. Now anyone can hire such a specialist, but a representative of this profession requires up to $60,000 for a year of full-time work.

Water Rides Tester

Not a job, but a dream! The main task of specialists in this field is to ride all kinds of rides. Evaluate the speed, comfort, adjust the flow of water – everything to ensure that the client is satisfied. By the way, such a position pays well. Up to about $8,000 a month.

Fortnite Teacher

This game has become so popular that there was even such an interesting profession. Many of today’s children dream of becoming cyber athletes. To make the dream a reality, hire a specialist who teaches basic skills and helps pass the game.

Panda Hugger

This is the cutest profession. Do you want to hug pandas and take a lot of pictures with them? Then go to China. That is where the main specialists in this business are concentrated. People not only hug the animals but also raise public interest in the problem of extinction of these bears.


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