The Home Selling Process: A Step by Step Guide

Total home sales in October of 2021 were the highest they have been since January. The market for real estate is hot right now, and selling your home today could be a golden opportunity to rake in some major profits.

If you plan on making a real estate deal for your property, you need to learn all about the home selling process. Selling a house doesn’t have to be a long-drawn-out process if you do it right.

Check out this home selling checklist to ensure that your big transaction goes smoothly. With the right real estate agent, and by following these home selling steps, you stand to earn a big profit if you strike while the market is hot.

Get Your Home Appraised

To get the best possible deal for your home, you need to find out the true value of it. You can get a ballpark estimate of how much your home may be worth by checking out some homes for sale in your local neighborhood.

The only way to know the true value of your home is to contact a real estate appraiser and get your home appraised by a professional. You can then make the call to see if now is a good time to sell your home.

Ready Your Home for Your Listing

Your best bet for selling a home is to list it with a professional real estate agent. While cash-in-hand options can be tempting, they often are less fruitful than selling your home on the real estate market.

Things you should take care of before listing your home include:

  • Cleaning your home
  • Fixing and remodeling your home
  • Vacating your home
  • Staging furniture for an open house

Talk to a real estate agent to determine some other important steps to take before putting your home on the open market. Only a professional can outline what your specific home selling preparation process should include.

The Home Selling Process of Listing Your Home

Now that you have prepared your home for potential buyers, you need to list it. Do some research to find some great real estate agents in your general area. They can handle the listing process so you don’t have to.

Most real estate agents will take a commission from the final sale of your home. Depending on your agent, they may handle all aspects of preparing your home, or you may need to do some things yourself.

Closing the Deal

Once your home is on the open market, it is time to take a step back and let the offers roll in. During these unprecedented times of high demand for housing, you can expect offers well above your asking price.

At the end of the day, it is you and your real estate agent that gets to choose the final purchasing party. You may choose to go with the most amount of money or the buyer whose circumstances you appreciate most. 

Now Is the Time to Sell

The current climate of real estate is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the savvy home seller. If you are ready to capitalize on the high demand for property, you should begin your home selling process today.

Use the information in this guide to determine the best way to sell your home with a reputable real estate agent in your local area. For other great news and information like this, make sure to check out the rest of our page.


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