The benefits of driving aids

Different driving aids can alter your driving experience. You can make adaptions to a vehicle to suit your body or disability. These aids make driving accessible for more people and can improve their driving experience. 

So what are driving aids?

Driving aids carry out certain processes automatically to help you drive a vehicle. Some are already installed into the car, while others can be manually attached. Some vehicles are specifically designed with accessibility in mind, such as wheelchair-accessible vans. You can make smaller adjustments with attachments fitted on the car controls. You can use the original controls in your vehicle, with a few adaptions in place.

Here are a few examples of driving aids and their benefits. 

Hand controls 

Hand controls are great for drivers with disabilities. You may have limited mobility with your lower body. You can use hand controls instead of the pedals in the vehicle. You can operate the brake and accelerator by pushing or puller a lever with your hand. It’s a far more enjoyable and comfortable experience. 

Steering aids 

Steering aids are one of the most popular driving adaptations. There are various variations of steering adaptions. The main idea is to make an attachment that spins around with the use of only one arm. If you have limited mobility with your upper body, you can steer the car with one arm instead of gripping the wheel with two. Or, if you are using the hand control adaption – you can use one arm to steer and the other to brake or accelerate. 

Area warning 

Many cars have area warning features these days. Area warning technology helps you reverse into tight spots and avoid collisions. Parking sensors can make it easier to park your car – and some cars even have a self-parking feature. 

Pedal extensions

You can install pedal extensions in your car if you are unable to reach the original pedals. Extensions make driving far more comfortable for you and can improve your driving ability. 

Left foot accelerator

Did you know you can have a left foot accelerator? You can purchase a car with a left foot accelerator instead of a right foot one. These cars are designed for individuals who can’t operate the accelerator with their right food and need a specialized system. You could also use a ring accelerator to control the acceleration. You can use the ring to accelerate smoothly instead of pressing down on the pedal. 

Invest in a few driving aids to elevate your vehicle experience.  

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