Savannah White: Bio, Anime, Life, Career, Work

  • Celebrity daughter of Dana White
  • Youngest of three children
  • Father – Dana White & Mother – Anne White
  • Anne white – former tennis player


Savannah White is the celebrity daughter of Dana White who is the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship organisation. She is the youngest of the three children the couple of Dana White and Anne White has. Anne White is a former professional level Tennis player for the US. Let us know more details and information about Savannah White.


Early Life And Bio: Savannah White


  • Born 23rd august, 2006
  • Age 16 years & lives in Nevada
  • Father – Dana White keeps privacy
  • Mother – Anne White secrecy from Paparazzi


Savannah White was born on 23rd August, 2006 in Las Vegas, United States to the celebrity couple of Dana White and Anne White. Savannah is currently 16 years and is pursuing high school in Nevada. Her father Dana White keeps her privacy strictly hence there is not much information available about her education and further details. Anne White. Mother of Savannah is a former Tennis player and a celebrity of her own, also respects the privacy of her daughter but behind the paparazzi, they live a very grand lifestyle.


Physical Appearance: Savannah White


  • Height – 5 ft 7 inchesand weight – 65 kgs
  • Savannah not appears outdoors
  • She is beautiful, 16 years old daughter
  • Looks healthy with good physique


Savannah is fastly growing as the 16 year old celebrity daughter has drastically changed in the past two years and hence there is no accurate information about her height and weight as it is difficult to interpret. Anne White once revealed her daughter’s height: she stands 5 ft 7 inches and weighs around 65 kgs. Savannah appears very less in the public due to the fear of paparazzi on a young growing woman, hence she is rarely spotted but she has a beautiful face and good, healthy build body.


Personal Life: Savannah White


  • No love life
  • Single now
  • No information available
  • No achievements


Savannah is just 16 years old and she is never seen or heard of rumours with anyone, hence it is pretty much clear that she is currently single as of now. Moreover any personal information regarding her is kept very secret and private by Dana White hence there is not much information about her personal goals or achievements as of now but as soon as the information is available online, it will be available.

Savannah White


Family: Savannah White


  • Youngest child
  • Celebrity parents
  • Two elder brothers – Dana White III & Aiden Charles White
  • No other details available


Savannah White is the youngest child of celebrity couple, Dana White and Anne White who both are renowned personalities in North America. Savannah has two elder brothers Dana White III and Aiden Charles White. She is very loved by both her parents and majorly her father takes care of any paparazzi behind her, hence there is no information available about her as it is kept very confidential by her parents.



Net Worth


  • Daughter of rich parents
  • Luxury lifestyle
  • No accurate information of net worth
  • Approx net worth of Savannah – $1 million to $1.5 million


Savannah White is the daughter of Dana White who is the president of world famous and money bank event organisation ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship’, hence he is very rich and a millionaire on his own. Savannah’s mother is a former American tennis player who has earned a lot of income on her own. There is no exact information available about Savannah White but her net worth is approx $1 million to $1.5 million.


Social Media


  • Shy, introvert person
  • No social media
  • Stays out of limelight
  • Appears rarely with father’s events
  • Seen at UFC grand finale or big matches


Savannah is very introverted person hence she has no social media accounts as of now and moreover she is very bright girl in the academics. She lives life without exposing herself as celebrity daughter and wants to stay out of the limelight, hence there is no account of her on entire social media but she is often seen in the UFC matches or finale.

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