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Not so long ago, little attention was paid to the doors in the interior of the premises. Today, interior designs are one of the leading design elements. Painted models are top-rated. They differ from analogs in affordable cost and unusual color solutions.

Doors & More is one of the sales leaders in the modern market. Selling interior doors for over 15 years, the company pursues the main goal – to provide consumers with reliable and durable goods.

Painted models from the Doors & More catalog are entirely consistent with new trends. Due to the variety of colors and textures, they can be selected for any interior solution.

Doors & More doors – design features

Doors & More interior doors have a complex design. It is represented by a frame of re-glued solid wood, MDF, and honeycomb filler.

The design is based on medium density fiberboard. MDF is considered a modern alternative to natural solid wood.

MDF boards are made from carefully dried wood fibers. They undergo multi-stage processing with synthetic substances. As a result of hot pressing, a dense material is obtained that is resistant to wear. It determines the main advantages of painted doors – durability and reliability.

Models made of MDF are resistant to mechanical damage, suitable for intensive use. They are characterized by low weight, UV resistance.

Technological differences of painted doors

Let’s consider the differences between Doors & More interior doors from numerous other analogs. The main feature is the milling and painting technology.

To give the slabs an original pattern, the manufacturers presented at Doors & More showroom engineers use modern milling machines. Due to the presence of several cutters at once, the device can apply decorative milling of any complexity. Thanks to this technology, painted MDF doors acquire an original shape and are distinguished by aesthetic patterns.

Few companies in the USA manufacture products in a similar manner. Therefore, Doors & More painted doors have practically no competitors in terms of quality and appearance. At the same time, the price of the doors remains affordable.

The cost of production is calculated based on one-sided milling. At the client’s request, the slabs can be made with double-sided milling or without it at all. If you want to order a door slab with double-sided painting in different colors, add 30% to the cost of the standard model.

Painting and color palette

The catalog of interior doors of the trademark is represented by a variety of colors and textures. Milling painting can be done in any shade according to the palette and in gold or silver. On request, you can buy doors, each side of which will be painted differently. This approach will be especially relevant for rooms in entirely different styles.

Doors painted according to the palette will fit into any interior – from classic to modern. A universal option for all rooms is white-painted doors.

Unlike other companies, Doors & More sells manufacturers who use multiple varnishes simultaneously to protect the slabs. The structure’s surface is covered with matt, glossy varnish.

Slabs with a glossy varnish can visually be mistaken for glass – it has a mirroring effect, it accurately conveys the naturalness of glazing. Gloss and color are chosen by connoisseurs of noble design solutions. Matt varnish will successfully fit into the modern version of the room.


In the interior, such models look stylish and respectable. And high-quality fittings of Italian and German brands make the doors contemporary and modern.


The main advantages of Doors & More products

The popularity of slabs is due to many advantages:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • long service life;
  • increased noise insulation;
  • variety of designs;
  • practicality;
  • impeccable service.

Doors & More only sells products from leading manufacturers. Round wood grown in ecologically clean regions is used as a starting material. Finished products are coated with varnishes and paints that do not emit toxic substances. Due to strict control in production, the goods are absolutely safe for human health.

The slabs are produced by European requirements, which guarantee high sound and heat insulation levels. The durable material of the slabs is not subject to deformation and has a decent margin of safety. From the brand’s catalog, you can choose doors of any color or custom-design products to order.

Therefore, the risk of damage to products is wholly excluded. With many advantages, the price of the door will delight you.

You can see photos of door slabs, read customer reviews, clarify the cost of products, and place an order on the site.

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