Mix and Match in Motorbike Gear Fashion

Are you still matching everything from head to toe, while riding dirt bikes?

Not anymore… It’s 2021. Mix, match and gear up. Motocross gear fashion is not about matching everything anymore.  You don’t have to have all the correct matching gear to ride fast. You can mix and match your full on-track moto outfit if you don’t wear the same brand from head to toe. The tips below will guide you follow the latest unspoken motorbike fashion rules:

  1. Helmets:

The rule about helmets is that any “helmet only” company can pair with any other full setup. For balance, you can match the helmets to the colors of the other gear.

  1. Pant and jersey:

Pant and jersey have to match at all times riders, whether you are on track or off the road. If you don’t want to get caught by the fashion police of motocross. By no circumstance should you wear a Thor jersey with Alpinestar pants? Ever!  You have to wear a Thor jersey with Thor pants and an Alpinestar jersey with Alpinestar pants. Also, the perfect fit of pants and jerseys plays an important role.

Branded pants and jerseys have plenty of ventilation to maximize comfort. Brands cost high for a reason and along with comfort they catch everyone’s attention.

  1. Gloves:

Wear gloves “only” company with the whole setup. You can wear a Deft, Novik, or a company that is “glove only” with your setup. If you are ever in doubt always try to remember to color coordinate with your boots and or helmet. Don’t ever wear yellow gloves, with green helmets and red boots. If you don’t want to get negative attention or look like a clown on or off the track. You can wear Green O’Neal gloves with Green O’Neal helmets, with Green O’Neal boots. Along with other company full setup.


  1. Boots:


You can match your Sidi, Gaerne, Oxtar boots, or whatever is ok to wear with your gear. Before you throw your legs over a dirt bike make sure they are stylish and safe with a perfect fit. Different brands may have different fits, so find your perfect fit.


  1. Chest Protector:

Chest protector or body armor as they say must match the jersey and pant company you’re wearing. If you have a different brand, wear it under your jersey! Boom!

Make sure Chest protectors are compatible with your neck braces.


  1. Goggles:


You can mix and match the goggles all the time. Any Google can go with any setup.

If your favorite gear company makes a quality helmet and boots this is the way to go for sure! You can match them with other company’s pants and jerseys. Only one condition is color coordination.


If you can’t get your boots and gloves to match try for the helmet and glove combo, this is always second best. If you can get all three then you for sure will be winning the best-dressed award even though you got last in your moto. People will take notice of your color coordination and matching skills giving a boost to your self-confidence. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you do all this or not, because all that matters is that you are having fun on your dirt bike with style.



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