Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez, Roman Burki Girlfriend

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez is a popular German model. However, football fans know Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez as the wife of footballer Roman Burki. Born May 18, 1996, Marlen’s birthplace is Wertheim, Germany. Firstly, it clears her zodiac sign is Taurus. Secondly, it clears that her nationality is German. Marlen represents mixed Latino and German ancestry. She is a huge follower of the Christian religion. Hence, one can see her visiting the Church on a regular basis.  Her age is 26 years.

Physical Stats of Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez indeed looks just the pure gift of God. Her modelling looks can captivate any soul. Marlen stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She is a huge fitness freak. Hence, she takes care of her boy very well. Marlen weighs around 53 kg. Her body measurements are 35-26-34 inches. Dark brown eyes and hair indeed take her looks to a stylish level. Despite being a WAG and a model, she has not enhanced her face cosmetically. Marlen is a huge tattoo lover. She has put tattoos on all her body. Her most identical tattoos are on the thighs and left wrist.  

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez: Childhood, Parents, Siblings, Education 

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez was born and bred in Wertheim, Germany. Reja Alvarez, her father, is a scientist. Lisa Alvarez, her mother, is a homemaker. Marlen grew up with two elder sisters named Marta and Jena. Hence, she always got her demands fulfilled while growing up. She joined Grundschule Bestenheid for earning basic education. For higher studies, Marlen went to Heidelberg University. Hence, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Interior Designing.    

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez: Love Life

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez started her relationship with footballer Roman Burki in February 2019. However, it took them 10 months to make their relationship official. In December 2019, Marlen made it clear that she is living with Burki. The lovely couple has a fine place to live in Dortmund. It indeed feels as Burki has found his soul mate in Marlen. 

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez: Professional Career 

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez
Girlfriend of Roman Burki

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez is a very fine German model. After 2019, she has taken her career to an even better level. Before becoming the model, she worked as a nanny. In 2018, she started her modelling career. Instagram indeed played a huge role to provide a stable platform. She has her brand named TIY – trust in yourself. Marlen does not redistrict herself to modelling. She has her blog. It indeed helps her to make her market bigger and better.

Social Media

Marlen is a huge name on social media. She has over 226K followers on Instagram. Indeed, her bikini shots on Insta do captivate many people. On YouTube, he has over 2.66K subscribers. Indeed, she has made a huge name on social media. 

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Net Worth

Marlen’s net worth is around USD 1 million. Her boyfriend Burki has indeed played a huge role to make her that wealthy. 

Boyfriend – Roman Burki

Roman Burki is a legendry goalkeeper for Borussia Dortmund. He joined the German giants from SC Freiburg in 2015. For Switzerland, he made his debut in 2014. However, Burki retired from his national duty in 2018. He played nine times for Switzerland.   

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