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About Leslee Holiday

Famous Leslee Holliday is a well-known WAG in the world of baseball. Born on 15 May 1983, Leslee’s birthplace was in Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States. Firstly, it is clear that their zodiac sign of Leslee is Taurus. Secondly, it shows that her nationality is American. Leslee, who follows the Christian religion, is a part of the white ethnicity. Leslee Holliday is the wife of well-known former retired star Matt Holliday, who is an MLB legend. “I am a very simple person who does like to live a simple life. It is what makes me happy and shows the real personality I have and it is a way for me to live a life where I have a beautiful family that does make me feel proud and special at the same time.

“Money is something that we do spend properly and this is the art I would like to add to my introduction,” said Leslee. 

Leslee Holliday

Leslee Holliday’s Physical Stats

Leslee is indeed a natural beauty.  Despite not enhancing their face cosmetically, she looks far better than many other WAGs. Leslee Holiday stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She weighs around 54 kg. Meanwhile, her body measurements are 36-26-37 inches. Hazel eyes with blonde hair indeed make her look better. Her feet size is 6 (US). Leslee does not seem to be a huge fan of tattoos. Hence, she has not made any. When it comes to remaining fit, Leslee is not behind anybody. She does pay her best to stay fit and make life better. 

Leslee Holliday Children

 Leslee Holliday is blessed to have four children named Jackson Holliday, Reed Holliday, Ethan Holliday, and Gracyn Holliday, where Jackson Holliday is the most famous son, who does also play in MLB. He has followed the path is legendary father Matt. “When I see Jackson following the roots of his father, it makes me feel very special to be the wife of a baseball legend and a mother of the new baseball star.

“For a mother, it shows that the purpose of life is one, and one does not even need to have any aspirations. This is what makes me proud of all of my four children as they follow the golden rule of life, which is to stay grounded and keep on working hard,” said Leslee.

The fact shows how well she has a deep connection with the family. This is indeed what tells a lot about Leslee and her relationship with children.

Leslee Holliday’s Family

Leslee Holliday was born and raised in Stillwater. William Chastain, Leslee’s father, is a sales pundit in the electronics sector. Olivia Chastain is a homemaker. Leslee spent her childhood with two sisters named Ava and Emily Chastain. For doing basic studies, she joined Stillwater Public Schools. Leslee’s keen interest in playing with numbers led her to earn a bachelor’s degree in Economics. She earned her beloved degree from Stanford University.  Know more about – Aalyah Gutierrez 

Leslee Holliday Siblings

Leslee Holliday did grow up with two siblings named Ava and Emily Chastain. Being the elder sister, she always gave her best to be a mother figure for both Ava and Emily, for which both of the sisters do feel proud of Leslee for giving them the best childhood. All three of them used to make the house full of love and joy.

Ava: “For me, Leslee is like my second mother as he always took care of me. Her main goal was to put a smile on my face and never ask anything in return for which I do feel proud to have a beautiful sister in my life.”

Emily: “Leslee is my best sister. Being the youngest was the most pampered and it was Leslee who is the main reason behind it as having a great sister like her is a blessing of Lord Jesus upon me and Ava.

Leslee Holliday Parents

Leslee Holliday feels blessed to have parents – William Chastain and mother Olivia Chastain. Her surname was Chastain before marrying Matt. Hence, it does tell a lot about Leslee and how blessed she feels to have William and Olivia in her life.

Leslee did live with her parents for the first 19 years of her life. She does call these first 19 years the best of her life as she did live them like a queen and had no pressure of delivering things. It was just a moment to enjoy and feel special.

“I do see my time with my parents great one. They did help me to become a better person and keep on moving forward. They did also teach me how to do all for the family without thinking about what we are getting in return.

“I enjoyed to go on parks and having pizza with my father, who is my hero too,” she said.

Leslee Holliday Education

Leslee Holliday did do her education at Stillwater Public Schools. From Stanford University, she did gain a bachelor’s degree in Economics, which is not at all a normal thing as Stanford is a place where the power of a degree alone can make them earn millions of USD. Hence, it shows how differently she does take care of her career as sees it as a tool to move ahead. She was a bright student and used to come in the top 5 during her school days, where she did learn also how to dance to a basic level. But she does not sing at all.

“For me, it is very crucial to have a degree in life as it can be a tool to save a person in very hard times. And at the same time, it does help the nation to become 10 times better as the youth should always look to get education on time,” said Leslee.

Leslee Holliday’s Professional Career

Since 2000, Leslee has been working well as a homemaker. Indeed, she has played a huge role to make the Holliday family settled. Leslee has her podcast. Indeed, it has given Leslee the to make one of her hobbies a part of her work. The podcast has helped her to grow in a better manner and create an impact which is the need of the hour in many different ways.

This is what tells a lot about Leslee and her career which has always pushed the career of her husband when was a professional and the career of her children now. But the podcast does give her something different where she does talk a lot about various different issues and it has a good pace. She does serve her purpose as a homemaker as well as a podcaster, which is an on-trend thing around the world. This is what tells a lot about the impact of Leslee.

Leslee Holliday Marriage

 December 30, 2000, Leslee Holliday did marry Matt. They did marry after having a blind date in 1999. It was a time when blind dates used to happen in the US but without Tinder.

They did like to be with each other since then and took just one year to get married. Since then, they have become a great example for other couples to follow as till now there is no big information coming out where the pair is looking to parting ways. And chances are there that it would never happen at all. Matt and Leslee are blessed to have four children and one of them has become an MLS professional.

Since marrying Leslee, Matt has seen only a rise in his professional career as a baseball professional which lasted for almost 20 years. Hence, it has become the biggest symbol of the marriage they have made beautiful and creative.

Leslee Holliday’s Husband

Matt Holliday is a retired American baseball player. From 2004 to 2108, he indeed played for several top teams in Major League Baseball (MLB). Matt is a seven-time MLB All-Star member. Matt has been called a legend of the sport, he did play in MLB from 2004 to 2018. Hence, it has helped him to stay impactful at the highest level and keep on building his career as a left fielder. In his professional career, he did play for Colorado Rockies, Oakland Athletics, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, and Colorado Rockies, for whom he played for the very last time in 2018.

In his entire professional career as a baseball player, 2011 has been the best so far when he did become the World Series champion. He is a 4× Silver Slugger Award – in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010.

Matt is also St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame, which means to him a lot.

Leslee Holliday

Leslee’s Children

Leslee met Matt Holliday for the first time on a blind date. She went to date Matt’s friends. However, things did not turn out very well for them. Hence, Matt’s friend requested Leslee to date the then-emerging baseball star. With the grace of God, things worked well for Leslee and Matt.

Therefore, they married on December 30, 2000. The lovely pair is indeed blessed to have four children; three sons and a daughter. On December 4, 2003, she gave birth to her first boy named Jackson Holliday. Four years later, on February 23, 2007, the couple welcomed their second boy, Ethan Holliday. On November 7, 2009, she was blessed with her only daughter named Gracyn Holliday. On July 24, 2013, she welcomed her third son named Reed Holliday. In 2015, the Holliday family moved to South Florida. It allowed Matt’s children to focus on their goals. 

Leslee Holiday In Social Media

Leslee has her social media accounts. However, she does not chase fame like other WAGs around the world. On Instagram, she has over 3.2k followers as of 2023. One can see Leslee’s family life on her Instagram profile. 

Leslee Holliday’s Net Worth

Leslee Holliday has a net worth of USD 5.3 million as of 2023. She has collected most of her money from the backing of her husband who has a reported net worth of $62 million dollars as of 2023. Hence, it does make the family rich as 99 percent of the world does not have the same net worth.

Leslee and Matt do help many charitable foundations to keep on growing and take things to the next level. They have helped over 14 children with basic education needs. The pair has also helped several families in the African continent as they do feel that it is a part of the world that should be respected. Leslee does also have a mega outlook of 47 luxury bags. She does own five bags of Hermès too, which does seem to be very much from the investment point of view as the price of these bags becomes bigger over time.



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