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Lana is a Trial Captain that specializes in Water-type Pokemon. She appears in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Lana is a student at the Pokémon School on Melemele Island and one of Ash’s former classmates. She made her debut in Alola to New Adventure!.

Appearance: Lana Pokemon

Lana is a short and slender young girl with fair skin, blue eyes, and short blue hair, the latter in which she wears a yellow string headband that resembles a fishing net. She wears a short blue cape behind her back, a sleeveless white sailor shirt on top of a dark blue swimsuit with a blue fish decal in the middle of the chest, and long blue pants with a yellow string near the waist (from which hangs a badge shaped like her Trial Captain symbol) and blue Hawaiian wave patterns on the bottoms.

Lana Pokemon
Class of Lana Pokemon

On her feet, she wears darkly-colored rubber sandals that are too big for her. She is also often seen with a fishing rod.

Personality: Lana Pokemon

Lana Pokemon is dedicated to her family and is a reliable older sister who watches over her younger twin sisters. She is fairly timid at times but does her best to prove her skills as a Trial Captain. She also likes to jokingly tell stories of false events which is up to the player to believe it or not.

Skills: Lana Pokemon

Lana is a seasoned fisherman, who can fish out most Water-type Pokémon, and fights to the end for any bigger prey. She is also seen as suitable fishing teacher, being asked by Professor Kukui to teach her classmates the proper way to fish for Pokémon. In addition, Lana is very athletic, always landing on her feet.

Etymology: Lana Pokemon

The name Lana comes from lana, Hawaiian for “floating”. It could also come from lilia-lana-i-ka-wai, the Hawaiian name for the water lily.


Lana meets the player character at the start or Brooklet Hill, where she has to be followed. She stops near ponds twice and says she hears a Pokémon splashing for help. The player character has to summon a Lapras and swim towards the source, then battle Wishiwashi both times. Then she leads to the Trial start, and says the player character can’t leave after going in.

Lana Pokemon
Lana Pokemon: Everything to know!

One has to swim to the whirlpool, where the Wishiwashi school forms. After beating this Totem Wishiwashi, Lana awards with a Waterium Z and one of her homemade Fishing Rods. One can battle her when finding her house and her sisters entice her to do so.


  • In the crew’s initial concepts of designing Lana, she was going to have two older sisters, but this later got scrapped and changed to her being the eldest child in her household.
  • Among the credits of Pokémon Sun and Moon, young Lana is shown to have hooked a school of Wishiwashi, while in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon version, she fished up a Wailord. These credits strongly imply that Lana is a proficient fisher.

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