Knowing What to Expect During Your Home Roof Replacement Project

Did you know that the average asphalt shingle roof needs replacing after just 20 or 25 years?

Unless your home has a metal or slate roof, you’ll probably need to schedule a home roof replacement if it’s been at least 20 years since the last one. The longer you delay, the higher your chance is for roof leaks and water damage.

While a roof replacement can be disruptive and costly, knowing what to expect will make you feel better about the process. Read on to learn what to expect from your professional roofers.

Removal of Existing Shingles

Your roofing crew will start by tearing off your existing shingles or roofing material. They’ll also take off flashing around the chimney or roof vents and the drip edge along the edge of your roof.

The crew may put tarps down to protect your plants and make the cleanup process easier. At this stage, your roof will look like bare plywood, which is called roof decking.

Repairing Any Roofing Problems

Once everything has been torn off, the crew can spot any damaged areas to the decking. If they notice rot or water damage, they’ll replace those boards with new ones.

This may add money to your final bill. But, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your new roof has a sturdy foundation.

Installing Roof Membrane or Paper Barrier

After any necessary repairs, the crew will install the barrier. This will keep out any water or other debris from going under the shingles and reaching the decking.

If you’ve been dealing with a leaky flat roof, a new rubber barrier will prevent issues in the future. Plus, this may be the final step in the process if you have a flat roof.

For standard pitched roofs with asphalt shingles, the crew will staple down roofing paper. They’ll also install the drip edge to the roof.

Installing Shingles, Flashing, and Vents

Now that the roof foundation’s taken care of, the crew will install the shingles. They’ll start near the edge of the roof and work towards the peak.

If you have any vents in your roof, they’ll install these along with the shingles.

The crew will then install the ridge vent along the peak of your roof. They’ll also secure the flashing around your chimney or other vent pipes to keep water out.

Cleaning Up and Removing Debris 

The final step is to collect any spare debris from the project. This might include boxes from the shingles, tarps, staples, or nails.

A good residential roofing crew will leave the outside of your home as tidy as they found it.

Are You Ready for a Home Roof Replacement?

A home roof replacement only happens every 20 years or so, but when it does, it can disrupt your life for a few days. The great news is, a new roof will protect your home from damage and water leaks for years to come. It’s time to check the average roof replacement cost
so you could prepare for a new roof replacement.

If you’ve noticed problems with your shingles or water leaks, hire professional roofers as soon as you can.

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