Keep up with brand new Sleeper’s summer collection!

Sleeper summer collection is vital for the season of 2022

The summertime activities are about to start! Vibing picnics, pool parties, or romantic summer walks took place really often during this warm and lovely season of the year. These activities demand fresh and convenient clothing mixed with a unique style. Keep it up with the Sleeper summer collection 2022! It is an axiom for this company to make incomparable suits and dresses with a unique style. This Ukrainian brand has been providing a unique and fresh women’s style for 8 years and continues to show its best. Starting with pajamas and continuing with light dresses, this brand does not stop. Summer dresses, picnic dresses, loungewear sets, and many more novelties are now available to make your summertime experience this year brilliant and adorable. Linen shirt is a perfect wear for summers as it is very comfortable. Don’t you want to see and try it right now?

We are ready to show you our highlights from the new collection:

  • Atlanta Lounge Suit
  • Rumba Lounge Suit
  • Atlanta Linen Dress
  • Sleeper Loungewear 


However, there are many more options to be noticed, including brand new swimwear and Sleeper’s famous unisex pajamas. All of them are available on Sleeper’s official website and could be easily found in the respective categories. Users also can subscribe to the Sleeper news service to stay tuned to the latest updates. Anyway, we would like to concentrate a little on some excellent items and inimitable lines from the new seasonal collection.

 Vibrant women’s summer dresses

Cool summer dresses are a must-have part of women’s wardrobes. There is no more pleasant sensation than changing winter garments to summer instead. Just catch your feelings while packing your winter coats away in a closet and buying new summer shorts, dresses, and swimwear for your wardrobe. New women’s summer dresses by Sleeper are the most suitable for that purpose! Puffy-sleeved dresses guarantee you are remaining cool and refreshing even during the hottest and the sunniest days of the year. Whatever dress you choose, you’ll always be trendy and charming. All designs are a combination of modern style requests and adorable classical forms. You can appreciate this by taking a look at the following models:

  • Brigitte 
  • Loungewear dress
  • Atlanta
  • Belle dress

Trying them would be a great update for your previous Sleeper’s dresses or something really new, and even unexpected maybe, for those who have not tried brand outfits yet. You would not believe how stylish and comfortable summer dresses can be! Moreover, Sleeper’s dresses are available in a wide size line from XS to XXXL, so they would be convenient even for expectant mothers.

Picnic dress for vibing atmosphere!

Prove us if we are wrong, but everyone likes picnics! Just imagine preparing a picnic basket, going to a park or a seashore line, setting up a place, and chilling out with people you like. Now you can make it even more vibing and enjoyable! Just try on a picnic dress from the new Sleeper summer collection. The convenience of easiness and wise prints and colours make an inimitable and wonderful mix. The picnic dress palette includes tender Pink Vichy, a classic Polka dot print, alongside seasonal prints. Being made of linen makes the picnic dress a good suit for any wearer’s body type. Linen is the Sleeper’s favourite and the most used material within their collections, which is highly appreciated by the customers, who like this material as much as designers do! 

For those, who don’t like wearing dresses, a linen lounge suit with ruffled shorts. That shorts in combination with a shirt or a blouse creates a versatile, elegant and brilliant image.

Wear picnic dresses not only for a picnic

These dresses are called ‘picnic’ not only for wearing on picnics but for their vintage and aesthetic vibes. Those picnic dresses are also good for other activities, such as summertime walks or just wearing them for work. They are very comfortable to everyday wearing in warm seasons.

Easy and homely style with loungewear sets

Stuck with work tasks and need to get some rest? Take a day off and make it home-based! It is a good opportunity to chill out and don’t think about annoying stuff. Loungewear sets would make this day even cozier and chiller for sure! 

The Sleeper lounge suit is just one of many garments designed to be worn during the warm season. The linen jumpsuit is an amazing choice for everyone who wants a garment that falls somewhere between casual and fancy. Linen is a wonderful fabric that fits marvelously, allows your body to breathe freely during hot weather, and is soft to touch at the same time. Excellent linen clothes are made to feel their wearers convenient and admired.

 Ad some activity to your day in the loungewear set

Sleeper’s loungewear sets would also be great to wear for morning jogging or some other activities, such as shopping, going for a bike ride, yoga, etc. Due to its simplicity, it will not sit too tight on you. It is comfy and does not restrict your movements while doing some activities. There is also a wide range of size lines for these loungewear sets, so everyone could find suitable clothes.

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