Is Adding an en Suite to Your Remodel Worth It?

Whether you’re converting your basement or adding a second-story extension, you want your home remodeling project to give you the best bang for your buck. 

Often, that means considering how to make use of your extra space both for your own convenience and to make your home more desirable for potential buyers. A popular option for homeowners is to install an en suite alongside a new bathroom or guest house as a way of providing private bathroom facilities even when the square footage is tight. 

But what does en suite mean anyway? And is it always worth adding one? Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of an en suite bathroom installation. 

What Is an en Suite Bedroom?

So that we’re all on the same page, it’s important to clarify what an en suite is. Although “en suite” looks like it could be a French term, in reality, it’s a confusing French-sounding English term. In both languages, the word “suite” refers to a set of rooms in a hotel or other form of public accommodation. But it’s only in English that “en suite” refers to a bathroom within the same set of rooms as a bedroom or living space. 

Usually, an en suite bathroom is smaller than a regular bathroom and is often accessible by a door that adjoins the bedroom in question. Some people might call this set-up an en suite bedroom but the correct way of describing it would be a bedroom with an en suite bathroom. 

What Are the Advantages of an en Suite Bathroom Installation?

Including an en suite bathroom in your home renovation can be beneficial for several reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the pros:

Added Convenience 

An obvious advantage of adding an en suite bathroom to your remodel is that you’ll increase the number of bathrooms in your home. If you’re planning to remodel your home to provide extra space for your growing family, adding an extra bathroom is a no-brainer. While the en suite bathroom might only be accessible to one or two members of the household, at least you won’t all have to wait outside the same family bathroom in the morning to get ready. 

Even if the extra bedroom you’re building is only for guests, whenever you have friends or family to stay, knowing that they have the convenience of their own en suite bathroom will make their stay more comfortable.  

More Privacy

Installing an en suite bathroom also provides extra privacy, both for you and whoever the new bedroom or guest house is for.

For example, many homeowners are adding a mother in law suite to their home as a way of providing a separate living space, or “granny pod”, for aging relatives. Including an en suite in a remodel like this is a must as it ensures that your granny pod is as self-contained as possible. As such, while your relative might be living with you, they would still be able to maintain a degree of privacy and autonomy within their own personal living space. 

The same goes for teenage children, lodgers, friends, or anyone else you’re considering installing an en suite for. Whether they’re with you on a permanent basis or as guests, having to all use the en suite master bathroom or main family bathroom can be awkward. Especially if taking a shower or bath involves traipsing along a hall or upstairs wrapped in a towel afterward.  

Increase Market Resale Value

Adding an en suite bathroom to your home renovation project is a great way to get a better return on investment. Even if you’re not planning on selling anytime soon, increasing the resale value of your home means your remodel will almost pay for itself in the long term. 

When considering the other ways you could use your remodeling space, such as with an extra-large bedroom or a more modest bedroom with a walk-in closet, these won’t net you the same kind of resale increase or buyer interest as an en suite bathroom. What’s more, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is a huge and instant focus for potential buyers. Being able to list your home with both an extra bedroom and an extra bathroom will increase its marketability no end. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Installing an en Suite Bathroom?

There’s no doubt that installing an en suite bathroom alongside your new bedroom remodel comes with many advantages. But there are also a couple of potential disadvantages to bear in mind:

Extra Costs

While the logistics of any extension project aren’t minimal, things can get a whole lot more complicated and expensive when you add an en suite bathroom into the equation. Even if you’re only converting your garage, attic, or basement, an en suite bathroom installation means more plumbing materials as well as often expensive items like a shower and a vanity. And plumbing isn’t the kind of home improvement you can DIY either, so you should also expect to pay thousands in labor and installation costs. 

Less Bedroom Space

Depending on how much extra space your home renovation provides, you might not want to use up a portion of that square footage on an en suite bathroom. For example, if it’s a choice between a single bedroom with en suite and a double bedroom, you might find a double bedroom more useful for guests and household members. And, if you already have two or more bedrooms in your home, adding an en suite won’t be as much of a priority. 

Why Your Home Remodel Should Include an en Suite

Although an en suite bathroom installation might not be the best choice for everyone, for most homeowners, it’s more than worth it. 

We’d even go so far as to say that it’s one of the best renovation decisions you can make. After all, as well as the extra convenience, comfort, and privacy for you and your household, adding an en suite bedroom will also increase your home’s marketability and resale value. 

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