How you can use print advertising for brand promotion

Though many experts continue to deny the importance of print advertising, the truth is that it still holds its space against digitization. Nowadays, online marketing faces the problem of no one noticing the advertising banners. On top of that, the ad blockers prevent them from impacting the customer. But print marketing overcomes all these hurdles. Let us read and know what print marketing can offer to brands’ menu printing.

Who is print advertising suitable for?

By print advertising, we mean any advertisement printed on paper. This can include the following:

  • Brochures
  • Banners
  • Catalogs
  • Leaflets
  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Newspaper advertisements

With digitalization, people use the internet as a source of information instead of newspapers and books. On the World wide web, there is no shortage of information, and all this is available without paying anything. Still, many people trust the newspapers, and that is why companies use print advertising in daily and weekly magazines.

The sales we get through newspaper ads show that the market is still growing. Companies still use print advertising to communicate about new products, services, and offers. These ads in daily newspapers are essential because many providers use paper and online versions for their editions. The brochures provided by supermarkets are fairly popular.

Advantages of print advertising, efficiency, and profitability

  • Print advertising helps in building a strong reputation for your brand. Also known as the Halo Effect this helps in creating a strong impression in the customer’s mind space. Only a loyal reader will stick to a particular newspaper or magazine. When your ad appears in their preferred brand they tend to trust you too.
  • Print advertising creates lesser noise in comparison to other media. Let us talk about the internet, where any banner comes with a lot of data, thus distracting the customer. On the other hand, a poster straightway draws your attention to the product.
  • Print media influence the customers in a better manner. As per experts, the public finds the print ads as more truthful. This print advertising generates trust and benefits the brand image
  • There is a level of creativity that other media cannot provide. The images provided are pretty powerful, along with the message.
  • Printing comes with a lot of versatility as you can get different types of quality and types of the same. Though you cannot choose one standard format for an indoor and outdoor poster, the range offered is more.

Print advertising with added value

All companies need different advertising mediums to implement the marketing strategy successfully. But very few companies can stay without print products. Those operating in regional circuits must create their own area to sell the products.

By directly addressing customers, you can influence their buying behavior. If you add coupons, vouchers, and samples to the print products, they are more attractive for the customers.

Why companies shouldn’t forget print advertising

Print advertising is a suitable advertising mode because:

  • It arouses emotions like TV advertising but is comparatively less expensive.
  • The brochures, flyers, and newspaper ads have a higher impact.
  • Are considered more trustworthy
  • Customers can intently examine the content offered

Tools for Creating Advertising Banners

Even though the digital medium is growing, print advertising is still the leader. It also offers a better ROI. But all this is applicable only if your copy can grab attention. A poster maker proves useful as it gives a whole new realm to your imagination. Nowadays, we have many graphic editors that can help create posters, banners, flyers, etc. Here we mention a few of them.


PosterMyWall is an online graphic design software and can be used for various tasks like:

  • Social media posts
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Menu
  • Videos

They provide a vast range of templates that you can use to create your own design. What’s more, the user can even create family collages and greeting cards, and other forms of content. The software is perfect for businesses, creative agencies, and marketers as it can help in adding value to their designs.


We all know how difficult it is to create and code banner ads through HTML5, especially if you have to take professional help. For those who wish to create high-quality banner ads, Creatopy is the application to look at. It is an application that has a drag and drop interface that makes the designing of ads quick and efficient. You just have to log in and choose a suitable template from their archive. Next, you can add value by introducing the background, playing with the color combinations, and rearranging the graphics to make the ads relevant.

Printing Services

Online ads are booming because they are flexible in nature. This does not mean that print ads are anywhere behind. It still remains an essential aspect of marketing strategy. If searching and connecting with the printers are difficult for you, then online printing services offer doorstep delivery of your printed banners. All you have to do is to share the banner ad design, and you will receive the banners at your address.

BigBetterBanner (USA)

If you want a complete banner printing solution, then Big Better Banner should be your priority. You should just need to decide on a template and upload the raw design. You can refine the design through some tools and upload this final design. The properly hemmed printed banner is delivered at the address given for free if the order size is above $49.

Vistaprint (International Service)

The biggest problem that print ads campaigns face is finding a quality banner printer that delivers good quality printing in quick time. Vistaprint is the largest online printing aggregator and helps you to design, customize and create a high-quality banner. This aggregator model helps you in using the resources easily so that you can get a competitive design.


Though print advertising comes with its disadvantages that companies must take care of. The printing and creating banners flyers implies high expenses. The recipients of the print advertising are random, so people think about whether it is profitable or not. One way you can integrate print advertising into the marketing strategy is through cross-media marketing. A balance between print and online advertising gets you a higher reach and increases sales as well.


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