Juice Can Line Setting Up In Ghana

A turnkey project succeed in setting up in Ghana. Ghana is a city of 31,000,000 people, located in West Africa, the northern coast of the Gulf of Guinea, and the Atlantic Ocean in the south. 

Comark Machinery offers the whole production line from A to Z, saves our customers time and trouble.

Project: 9000cph aluminium can production line

The Ghana client ordered following machines from us:

– Concentrated juice mixing system

Water treatment system
can filling machine 

– Can warming tunnel, can dryer, ink printer
– Carton packaging machine 

In August 2022, We received a inquiry from Mr. Kwasi from Ghana, he was searching for canning machine for drinks. After a long discussion, we know he wanted to start juice can production line. At the same time, client told us he was new in this field, no experience and need more support from us. Smile contacted the client through video call to introduce the structure, material and function of our machine and production line. Later Mr. Kwasi choose suitable capacity and machine. Comark makes the whole process more efficient.

We have over 10 years experience in this field, with professional technician, know the market demand. We helped design the can shape and logo, the layout of the plant, choose the suitable formula through our partner company.

Before the delivery, we made a video call with Mr. Kwasi to test our machine, Comark ensure all the machine can run well before delivery.

We will pack the machines well, preventing it from getting crushed during the long distance see transporting. We make sure that when the client receive the machines, they will be satisfying on how we handled them.

Comark’s products are made with high quality and standard. You will be happy you invested in our products.


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