How to Wear a Sports Girdle Correctly

If you’re not sure how to properly wear a sports girdle, or if you’ve never worn one before, this post is for you. A sports girdle is designed to provide support for the pelvic area and reduce strain on your muscles. It can be worn during or after pregnancy to support weight gain or surgery to help recover abdominal muscle tissue. Here’s a short guide to help you understand what it is and how it works to get your curvy and cute on:


What is a Sports Girdle?

A sports girdle is a belt that goes around the waist. It’s worn on top of your regular underwear and shorts, which you wear on top of your regular clothing underneath. Sports girdles are designed to give you support while running or performing other cardio exercises. They’ve become quite popular because many people find them helpful for preventing injuries while performing cardio activities.

Some people buy sports girdles with the intent of wearing them off and on while exercising, but if you happen to be doing something else while wearing your sports girdle, expect it to get really sweaty, really fast.


Why should I wear a sports girdle?

When you exercise, your abdominal muscles become tired quickly. This means that your core is not as stable as you think it should be. If you don’t have a sports girdle on, then running or other cardio activities may cause you to injure yourself because there’s no support for your abdomen.


Does a sports girdle give me a tummy tuck?

No. When people first start wearing sports girdles, they tend to believe that it will give them a flatter stomach or serve as a tummy tuck, but the truth is that it’s not going to make your stomach flatter. As mentioned earlier, it’s designed to support your core which is located in the upper abdomen. The stomach and ab muscles play a big role in overall health, so wearing a sports girdle provides some support for your abs and helps strengthen them. However, you also need to perform abdominal exercises to get the most out of wearing a sports girdle and thus feel best about it.


What are some problems that can occur while wearing a sports girdle?

Some people may not like the way that they look while wearing a sports girdle. Some think it looks “weird” or “uncomfortable.

There have been times when a woman’s measurements don’t match the sizing charts of a sports girdle. For example, a woman with a smaller waist may think that she has to order a “small” size, but it feels too big around the waist when she tries it on. This is because the company that designed the sports girdle based its measurements on the average size of women in general. If you’re not average, you may experience problems while trying to wear this type of garment.

Some women complain that wearing a sports girdle makes them feel hot and sweaty, or that they feel like they can’t breathe well when they wear it.



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