How to Update Your Home Before Your Partner Moves in

Something has changed, but you’ve barely noticed. One day, one of you says, “should we just move in together?” or something along those lines. It feels exciting, but there are a whole lot of things to consider before someone moves in.

If it’s your home that’s the chosen one, then changes need to be made before your loved one moves in. You definitely need to have some big conversations about expectations before you hand over a key.

Communication is absolutely paramount in any good relationship, it’s not just a buzzword. There are so many things to discuss in relation to living together, with finances coming top of the list.

You should also talk about:

  • Cleaning arrangements – will you share the responsibility?
  • Entertaining – will you have friends over? What’re the rules when they are over?
  • Social media – how comfortable are you both with your life being shared online?
  • Reasons for moving in – do you feel pressured? Is it just a financial decision?

Once you’ve drawn up the game plan, it’s time to get on with this exciting new chapter. Congrats, you’ve joined the growing trend of adults who live together, whether they go on to marry or not.

 The space that you inhabited by yourself now needs to be shared with another. This means that both of you need to make compromises. Your partner will have to lose some items they own, as will you.

You can make this a fun activity, choosing the items that one another loves, being allowed a veto. Make sure that neither of you really has to give up something you love, unless it’s simply too big.

This is a great excuse to have a proper wardrobe clear out and make a bag for charity. Alternatively, you can sell pieces that are in good condition and make a few dollars.

One way or another, you’ll likely need some new storage. Making the extra space for your partner’s belongings might mean exploring some creative options.

You might want to consider a new bed, not least because you can start your cohabiting life afresh. Why not consider a bed that has built-in storage, to give you that extra space? The Divan Beds Centre has some brilliant options at very reasonable prices.

Another space that often goes unused is higher up on walls, so why not get some shelving? Your partner likely has their own books and knick-knacks, so you can keep them without throwing out your own.

If you both have to work from home, consider a fold-down desk option. That way, you have the space to work by day, but it can be stored out of the way at night.

Extra clutter is something that can really get to people, so discuss how you both like things organised. This will save on silly fights after they move in.

If you’re clearing out and updating some furniture items, it’s also a good time for a lick of paint. Why not brighten the place up and have a fun painting date in advance of their move?

Neutral colours are a great option, as they provide a suitable canvas for other features in the room. Perhaps your partner has a much-loved patterned throw, which clashes with the bright orange living room walls?

Neutrals don’t just mean beige; you have a variety of options to choose from. Grey gives a cool, minimalist look that is quite trendy, while a rich taupe can warm up the space.

If you’re buying furniture together, think about which colours could really set off the new pieces. Perhaps that red sofa you both adore would look better against a dark wall colour?

Moving in together is an exciting time, but it’s worth it to talk out all the details in advance. Then have fun updating the place so it reflects both of you and not just its original single inhabitant.



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