How to Pick the Best Casino Bonus

Everyone with access to computers, TVs, radios, or any form of communication is surrounded by a myriad of casino bonus offers wherever they look. A bit much, perhaps, but it is great news for everyone looking for great UK casino bonuses. It has simply never been easier to find and compare them.

New casinos and new offers come on the market every single week. The competition is often fierce. What does this mean for you? Quite a lot. It means you can afford to be picky. Don’t just settle for the first solid bonus offer you come across. Take the extra minute or two needed to ensure that the offer is not only strong but the right bonus offer for you.

In this article, we will look at a few quick tips that will make it instantly easier to pick a great UK casino bonus.

Take a look at the terms and conditions

We are really lucky to live in the UK. Why? Because UKGC and the ASA ensure that all casinos must list their significant terms and conditions right below their offer. This even applies to casino comparison sites and any adverts they run, be it on TV, on the radio, or online.

The key terms and conditions are really important in terms of just how good a bonus actually is, and the fact that the casino must list it so openly saves you a lot of time. The quick tip here is to look at the wagering requirement.

Why? Because the higher this requirement is, the harder it will be to win money on your bonus. The wagering requirement refers to how many times you must play through your bonus to be able to withdraw your bonus winnings. For instance, best RTP slots Australia, a casino with a moderate wagering requirement of 30 means you must wager the bonus amount 30 times.

Know your playstyle

Not every good bonus is good for every player. Your playstyle is actually important. If you like to play for small amounts, even the most incredible “high roller” bonus will not appeal to you, no matter how many tens of thousands of pounds you may collect.

Similarly, if you play for thousands or more every month, a large bonus percentage that triples your 50 quid, will probably not matter to you.

If you play for large amounts you should look for large bonus amounts, even if the bonus percentages are a little lower. If you play for small sums of money, prioritize large bonus percentages, which usually only cover small sums regardless.

This way, the bonus you collect will benefit the way you want to play.

Only play at UK licensed casinos

It is important to remember that you are only protected by UK law if you play at casinos with a UK license. This is extremely important if you want the casinos to be safe and play by the rules you are used to.

Non-UK licensed casinos do not necessarily have anything stopping them from putting wagering requirements on your real money deposit and not allowing you to withdraw your own money unless you meet it.

There are also fully unlicenced, dark casinos out there that operate as genuine scams. You would never want to supply your personal information or debit card information at these casinos. Doing so can prove to be a costly mistake. We have all heard horror stories of people whose credit card information was stolen online.

Joining them is extremely risky and not recommended. By playing at UK casinos you will always have UK law behind you and an extra layer of protection in case things go south.

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