How to Optimize Themes for Performance

As owners or managers of e-commerce businesses, we understand how difficult it is to bring one customer to our online store.  There is a lot of work behind every sale, whether it is an investment in the infrastructure itself or marketing and advertising campaigns.  For this reason, once we have succeeded in convincing a customer to visit our website, we cannot, under any circumstances, allow him to leave it for reasons related to the stability of the site or problems with loading content.  Prevent critical shopping cart issues that can cause your customer to leave your website using trusted tools like synthetic transaction monitoring tools.

Just the same site loading and its stability is one of the most common problems that can really ruin sales. This is why it’s important to optimize the speed of your online store to keep this bounce rate to a minimum, as it increases with every second it takes to load content, according to a recent study by Google.

Today, many platforms and programs are used with the help of which high-quality Internet shops are created.  One of the most popular is Spotify.  However, it is also very important to provide speed optimization Shopify there.

One second faster and we will increase our sales

Undoubtedly, website loading speed is a key issue when it comes to optimizing the speed of our online store as it definitely affects sales. Many Web Optimizers claim that improving website loading in one second can provide a 7% increase in conversions.  Thus, it can be concluded that this opposite effect also takes place, and therefore it is so important that our website is perfectly optimized.

Rely on a fast, ready-to-use eCommerce platform

As we all know, there are e-commerce platforms that are free to use, however, their load times tend to be noticeably slower due to the limited bandwidth of the service.  Shopify is without a doubt the best option as it includes the Storefront Renderer (SFR), an upgrade to its infrastructure responsible for speeding up website speed.

By changing the way it handles read requests, SFR can improve performance by 2.5 to 5 times over traditional mode.  The improvement is mainly related to the cache memory, as it is structured in such a way that what was not previously allocated is discovered faster.  According to the data provided

Do not forget about rapid hosting

Many of the problems we analyze in this text can be caused by the hosting itself, as it may not be of sufficient quality to meet all the needs of your website, especially on key days with high traffic and many transactions.  The losses that can occur on days like Black Friday for every minute of website blocking are enormous and need to be fixed before we face them.

Shopify Plus bases its infrastructure on the cloud, so your activity rate is around 99.98% according to the Canadian company itself.  If you are not currently working with Shopify Plus, we recommend that you contact your service provider to help you optimize your website to avoid downtime that can lead to significant losses.

Do not forget about CDN

First of all, it is a group of servers scattered around the world that distribute the load of content. Since this is the purpose of any online store, a suitable CDN has become non-negotiable if we want to sell internationally with guarantees.

Shopify offers a world-class CDN at no additional cost, which is a huge competitive advantage.  Any website hosted on Shopify loads almost instantly, no matter how remote, and this improves the user experience.  In turn, the image of our online store that our customers will have will get better and better, so all of our records will improve.

Organize surveillance

The collection of data about the activity of our customers on our website is necessary for the development of our online store and a better understanding of their profiles.  However, it is often also responsible for slowing down the loading of all processes, since all of these JavaScript tags are resource-intensive.

Many people migrate websites to Shopify because first of all, it is quality and convenient.  And if you also want to ensure good speed, then follow all the above tips.

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