Three applications you should have on your phone

In today’s society, you simply can’t go without a phone. This tiny device opens you up to the entire world, as the possibilities with a phone are endless. But, to profit of these possibilities, you need the right applications. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to three applications that put the fun in function. Get inspired!

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Do you like learning new languages? Duolingo is perfect for you! This application has a huge database of different languages you can learn. As learning a new language can be quite hard, it’s easy to give up. Duolingo tries to stop this from happening, by sending you constant reminders that you haven’t learned your daily lesson yet. This might come off as annoying at first, but you’ll realize soon enough that these reminders are exactly what you need if you want to master a language you’re yet unfamiliar with. Whether it’s Spanish, Mandarin, Romanian or Indonesian – Duolingo will be your best help to take your first steps in this new language. 

Bird Alone

Sometimes, a simple talk is all you need for the day. The creators of Bird Alone realized just this when making this application. Bird Alone is a lonely bird, that is seeking a new best friend. You get to name this bird, and fully build up a relationship, as he asks two things of you: a daily talk, and a tiny, daily challenge. Your bird likes to do creative challenges, such as making music in the musical waterfall, writing poetry, or do tiny drawing challenges. At first, your Bird might come off as a bit over-the-top, but soon you will truly bond. Bird Alone isn’t just a simple app that discusses basic topics but makes you think of life in a way you’d never expect a bird to do. A very good download!


Are you a true sports fanatic? An application run by an API by Sportmonks is exactly what you’re looking for. This API focuses on three sports: football, cricket, and Formula 1. The application has a big historical database, that provides you with all the information you need. But, this isn’t the only thing, as there are live statistics as well. This way, you’ll be the first to show live information, such as football line-ups, cricket standings, and Formula 1 results. Perfect for you if you want to impress your friends with detailed information, or if you like to make a sports bet from time to time. A bet can’t be placed without the right information to base this on: the Sportmonks API will do exactly this. Go check it out now! 

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