How to Choose the Best Cleaning Company For Your Home

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with cleaning your home every day and week, you may need to hire a cleaning company–and there’s no shame.

Not only can hiring a cleaning company to reduce stress, but you’ll also feel more comfortable in your clean home. You may also find that you have more time to spend with family or hobbies.

Many people believe that hiring a cleaning company is prohibitively expensive, but you would be surprised. With an average cost of about $121 per cleaning, households of all different income levels can afford professional cleaning. This is because you can choose whether you want a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service. 

Determine the Services You Need

Before you even begin searching for the best cleaning company in your area, you’ll want to decide what services you need. For instance, you may have granite countertops and hardwood floors that need special attention and products to clean properly. A professional maid service may even be able to offer ironing and tidying. 

You may also want your dishes cleaned as well as the sink while your local cleaners are present. If budget isn’t a question, you may want a deep cleaning as often as possible. Conversely, most cleaning companies offer a deep cleaning first then a light cleaning every week or every other week. 

By knowing the services you need beforehand, you can find companies that won’t compromise. 

Referrals and Reviews

Next, you’ll want to start collecting referrals from people you trust. You’ll also want to do a basic Google search of a “cleaning company near me” and see what turns up. 

It’s recommended not to go with the first result that comes up without any prior research. Instead, take time to take a look at the reviews on the Google business pages instead. 

You’ll find that the best cleaners have a majority of positive reviews. If they have a few negative reviews, pay attention to the way they respond and if they try to rectify the situation. 

Transparent Pricing

Once you have a shortlist of cleaning companies that you’re interested in, you’ll want to make sure that they’re transparent about their pricing. You’ll want to find out if they charge at an hourly or fixed rate.

They should be able to give you an estimate based on the level of cleaning you need, the square feet of your house, and how long they predict it will take. Next, make sure that you’re aware of any extra fees. For instance, the company may charge extra if you request next-day cleaning versus cleaning on a regular schedule. 

They may also charge extra if you have pets if you want dishes and laundry cleaned, and more. Reputable companies will give you this information promptly. 

Trustworthy Employees

Since you’ll be letting strangers in your house regularly, it’s important that you’re able to trust the employees with your home and possessions. Make sure you ask the company if they do background checks on their employees before they hire them and what their standards are before hiring. 

Although most companies will send the same employees to your location, you may want to ask them, especially if this is your preference. Keep in mind that if an employee you trust calls in sick or takes a vacation, you’ll also need to be able to trust any replacements they bring in. 

Proof of Insurance

Proof of insurance is necessary so that you can feel safe with their employees in your home. The company should be able to email or fax you the documents directly. If they seem to stall or don’t have any proof of insurance, this is a good sign to look elsewhere. 

Cleaning companies need insurance because it shows a level of professionalism–they’re looking out for their business as well as their employees. More importantly, if an employee accidentally damages an item in your home or an accident occurs, you’ll have peace of mind. 

Interview the Service

Keep in mind that even after your due diligence, you may not be able to find out everything you need to know online. For this reason, it’s recommended to conduct a small interview. Here are a few questions you can ask before you hire a new house cleaner: 

  • What type of cleaning supplies do you use? 
  • How much experience do you have cleaning homes? 
  • Do you have references? 
  • What other services do you offer? 
  • How are payments handled (cash, check, online portal)? 

If you’re dealing with a larger company, keep in mind that you’ll be speaking with a customer service representative instead of the cleaners directly. However, their demeanor and professionalism can be a good indicator of the company’s culture.

Find a Reputable Cleaning Company Today

By taking the time to find a professional cleaning company that you trust, you’ll be reducing stress and acquiring a clean home in the process. Reputable cleaning professionals work efficiently with cleaning products that are perfect for each job. You can hire CHRIStal Clean that offers professional house cleaning services to all clients in Pewaukee, WI and the surrounding areas.

You also won’t have to worry about breaking the bank, as many cleaning companies have different levels of service. Keep in mind that a deep cleaning for your first cleaning is usually standard.

Afterward, you can choose how often they come to clean your home, how deeply you want them to clean, and whether there are any extras such as dish cleaning and laundry that you want to do. 

Ready for more tips on how to make a house a home? Keep reading the blog! 

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