How Much Does Moving Labor Cost?

Are you planning to move houses?

You are not alone since millions of Americans moved around the country over the past five years. Regardless of your reason, your moving labor costs will play a role.

In some cases, you will feel distressed after finding out what you have to pay. You will avoid this as long as you prepare your budget well before the move.

In this guide, we will discuss the average cost to hire movers. Read on and learn how to adjust your finances today:

What Is the Average Cost to Hire Movers?

The moving labor costs depend on specific situations. However, the average local move amounts to $1,250, while a long-distance move up to 1,000 miles costs around $5,000. The latter will increase depending on your move location and your possessions.

A caveat is these numbers apply to homes with over 7,500 pounds of goods. Regardless, the easiest way of getting a more specific price tag for your move is to use a moving calculator.

Most of these tools allow you to put your original home and new home location. It will also include some factors like your required services and move dates. You will get a cost estimate from leading movers like Haulin Assets Movers.

Factors Affecting Your Moving Labor Costs

Now you know the average, it is time to learn the factors affecting moving costs. These apply regardless of whether it is local, interstate, or international.

Moving Date

A lot of experts agree the moving date will have a drastic effect on the price. When your move happens during peak moving season, you will pay a lot more. It is especially when your move date is during the weekend.

The peak season for moving around the United States is April to September. Your best bet is to book your move well in advance to ensure money savings. This method is the only way you can get better prices during the busiest months.

Travel Fees and Size of the Move

Your fees can increase exponentially the longer the distance of your move. It is because the costs come from the following:

  • Fuel
  • Labor
  • Time

The cost will also increase based on your family size. After all, you will have more possessions. Regardless, the final price depends on your chosen moving company’s payment structure.

Add-On Services

A lot of movers will have additional services. You can avail of these features whenever necessary. It includes moving special items like antiques and reassembling furniture in your new home. If you cannot move immediately, these companies also offer storage for your items.

Learn More About Moving Fees Now

These are some moving labor cost considerations. The factors above apply whether it is a short or long-distance move.

However, learning about the average prices is only the beginning. When you hire local movers, it is best to look for desirable qualities. Otherwise, you might end up with issues like damaged or lost furniture.

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