How Domestic Chores and Exercise Collides

You might acknowledge the role of exercise in your life. You understand the effects and benefits but lack the motivation to do it. It is the same with your relationship with household chores. What if you incorporate exercise and housework together? This adds purpose to both activities. It sounds odd, but it can be done if you are more intentional with your actions. This is best for busy individuals whose daily schedule is already full. So next time you reach for the vacuum cleaner, picture yourself making lunges instead.


Isn’t it amazing how many calories you can burn by cleaning your house? Adding a home cleaning workout to your regular chores is as simple as making minor adjustments.

You can burn calories while doing domestic activities by mimicking some of the motions you use at the gym. You can get a full-body exercise, develop muscle, and burn fat by doing vigorous house cleaning with a few simple tweaks. While at it, augment your efforts with fat burner capsules to make the most out of any exercise routine.

House Cleaning Workout

The most frequent house cleaning tasks and how many calories a 150-pound individual can expend while completing them are enumerated below. Adding the challenging action will help you burn more calories while you clean.

Most of the time, doing these tasks will put pressure on your stability and need you to activate your core. What’s the result? You’ll notice a reduction in belly fat, an increase in leg strength, and overall improvement in your physical well-being.

Vacuuming or Mopping

Take a complete lunge each time you move the vacuum or mop. When retraction of the vacuum or mop is required, bring the legs back together.

Most of your lower body’s primary muscles are used in the lunge. As you puff out of your lunges, you’ll need to use your abs to stay balanced.

Scrubbing Surfaces

You may already be standing on your toes when cleaning areas above your head. Toes can also be kept up when working at lower counter levels. While cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, rest your calves by standing on one leg only.

Strolling while on your toes works the lower leg muscles and the calves. Staying upright requires using your core muscles, activated when you can maintain your balance when on your toes. The gluteal muscles around your hips are activated when you attempt a one-leg stance and extend the other leg out to your side—triggering the abductor muscles that define your hips and buttocks. The trick is to vary movements while doing the chores to maximize time.

Dusting or cleaning baseboards

Keep your knees and hips up in an “all-fours” stance when you’re kneeling on your hands and knees. This would be the starting posture for crawling practice in a yoga class. Sweep or wash surfaces with one arm extended and switch sides. To make the posture challenging, contort your legs to stretch them or bend them.

You need to use your butt, abdominal, and lower body muscles with the leg extension to clean your house. In the absence of a leg extension, you must rely on the strength of your back and abdomen.

Just don’t forget to drink your trusted fat burner to ramp up the fat-burning action of all your daily routine.

You can burn more fat with exaggerated movements while cleaning while accomplishing domestic duties. Busybodies can have a tidy house and a fit body.

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