How Do I Seek Legal Compensation In Case Of Construction Injury?

The construction sites have the highest rate of accidents regarding different occupations. This is because this occupation has various hazards like electrocution, falling materials, exposure to dangerous chemicals, unsafe equipment, and repetitive motion injuries that can cause accidents even after taking the necessary precautions. 

Every construction company provides an injury compensation amount with high interest. So if you have been a victim of a construction site accident, this injury claim would allow you to receive the compensation. A  construction accident attorney in New York helps you get the deserving claims. 

Before you claim the amount, you should know about the different types of construction accidents for which you can claim:

a. Falling from the heights: The majority of the construction sites require workers to work in high elevations that pose significant threats of injury. Therefore, the contractors are responsible for taking all the necessary measures and precautions to help avoid such accidents, like installing guard rails or other protective devices. 


b. Objects falling from above: Construction workers who work at lower levels have a constant threat of getting injured from things falling from higher levels. These include building materials, ladders, tools and equipment, cranes, and even workers West Covina pedestrian accident lawyer


c. Using defective tools and machinery: Most construction projects involve using huge power tools, heavy equipment, and other machinery. Even the slightest defect in any of these can cause disastrous accidents. 


d. Neglecting to take a background check before hiring workers is a common mistake that every workers compensation lawyer pittsburgh contractor commits. While hiring workers, they do not run a background check to verify if they have the proper skills to operate the machines or perform tasks. In cases where they don’t have the required skills, formal training isn’t given to them, which results in mishandling and mistakes, causing accidents. 

What Are The Necessary Steps To Be Taken After A Construction Injury?

Construction companies provide every worker with a compensation claim that also covers instances of construction injuries. But, in such critical situations, it gets tough to keep track of what should be done. So, hiring a construction accident attorney in New York is necessary, and here is why. 

A Construction Accident Attorney Would Help You In The Following Ways:

  • He would help you file all the documents required to be submitted for you to get the worker’s compensation amount. 
  • Often, the amount given by the construction company to the worker is less than the injury’s intensity.  
  • The worker’s compensation benefits the employers from a lawsuit where he might need to pay a more significant sum of money to the victims and their families to recover losses. A construction injury lawyer is experienced in such a situation. If things are wrong and third parties are involved in the accident, he would file a lawsuit and hold the responsible parties accountable.
  • He would also take care of all the court proceedings, documents, and evidence that would be important for the case. 
  • Lastly, he would also negotiate with the insurance company to get the maximum amount for covering losses and keeping the future prospects in mind. 


We hope that this article gives you a decent idea about what should be done after a construction site injury and how important the roles of a construction accident attorney in New York are. Not only will they help you deal with the situation correctly, but you will also be eased from other unnecessary worries. 

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