Herbs which male can consume for boosting immunity

According to Ayurveda we can compare Immunity to vyadhishamtavabala. It is something through which an individual is able to perform, though which we can analyze if an individual is healthy or not. 

Our majority of Metabolic function, cell function, defense mechanism all of such depends upon Immunity. Those who have a great immune system, their body is able to perform proper functioning and Metabolism. Our body’s defense mechanism capabilities are directly proportional to our immune system. Whenever we are attacked by foreign bodies, or viruses, microbes, fungus, bacteria etc our body’s defense mechanism comes into the line and protects us but those who have low immune system there body cells are not able to defend well and gradually leads to a lot of health issues. So it is quite important to boost your immune system in the proper manner otherwise you will suffer from so many diseases. 

We have seen by ourselves during the pandemic so many people attacked by covid virus but some are asymptomatic and some highly effective, well in that Immune system plays the major role, those have the great Immunity doesn’t effected much but those who have poor immune system suffers a lot. Pure himalayan shilajit is the pure shilajit which you can consume into your daily routine. 

All if anyone wants to maintain proper health it’s quite important to Maintain properly from internal as well, not just by outside. 

In males it is common to see that they are gym freak or want great physical appearance but their body is not at all internally fit. 

Internal fitness is directly proportional to Immunity. 

So Immunity plays a major role in perfect health and its functioning. 

There are so many ways to boost up immunity and also there are so many herbs available which you can consume to boost up your immune system naturally. 

Some of them are! 

  • Ashwagandha – It is an ayurvedic herb with great properties. Its root powder is so useful and consists of so many properties which helps in boosting Immunity naturally. But should be consumed in prescribed dosage otherwise leads to stomach upset etc in some individuals. 
  • Amla – It has rejuvenating properties. It helps in enhancing and improving the overall function of body. It is a rich source of vitamin C  which improves the Immunity. It also helps in reducing mental stress and improving overall health. But should be consume in appropriate dosage. 
  • Ginger – It is a very common ingredient which is easily available in every household. It also consists of so many properties which improves health and enhances immunity. It has anti- microbial properties which reduces the chances of infections and boosts the immune system naturally. Organic ginger powder has anti-microbial properties which reduce the chances of infections and boost the immune system naturally. 
  • Tulsi. – It is a plant which also has spiritual values and can easily be found in every Indian household. It has anti- microbial, anti- viral etc properties which reduces the infection and improves the Immunity naturally good in cold, cough, allergy, and sore throat. It stimulates the functioning of cells and thus improves the immune system. 
  • Shilajit – It consists of so many active components and minerals inside it and has numerous benefits. It improves body Immunity has anti- oxidant and anti- microbial properties which reduce the infection. Always try to buy the best shilajit available in the market. You can also find shilajit for sexual performance, but make sure to buy from authentic sources only. 


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