Effectively Manage Your Electronic Files Using the PDFBear Web-Based Tools

Decades ago, electronic file management was a challenging task for most people. Back then, you needed to use particular computer software to complete a task or ask for assistance from experts to help you. It means that you’ll be paying extra for the computer system and service. 

However, technology becomes more advanced and smart as time goes by, especially when it comes to electronic file management. The number of websites continues to increase that will give you free services and file tools. One of the most sought-after platforms you can find on the internet is PDFBear. 

It’s a website that will provide you with access to manage all of your electronic files. Hence, here’s a list of PDFBear tools below that most electronic file users commonly use. Check each one’s features and find out the best tool to use to complete your file task. 

Unlock PDF Tool

Putting a password in your PDF files is one of the effective ways to make your files safe from any possibilities of unpermitted access and use. However, if your PDFs don’t have any sensitive information, it’ll be best to keep them password-free. To do that, you can always unlock PDF using the PDFBear online tool. 

The platform is using the most simplified and uncomplicated password-removal process. Just get your encrypted PDFs uploaded on the PDFBear website. You’ll then have to key in the password and click the “unlock PDF” button right away. In a few minutes, your PDFs become password-free. Hence, you’ll never get bothered memorizing any password every time you open and access your PDF files in the future.   

PDF Encryption Tool

If there’s a file tool to remove the existing password in your PDF files, there’s also another one to process encryption using the PDFBear platform. It’ll be best to use this online tool, especially if your PDFs contain confidential data and information. Don’t worry because the entire encryption process is also quick and straightforward. 

You only have to upload your PDFs on the website. You’ll then need to key in the desired password for your files and click the “encrypt PDF” button. After that, please wait for a couple of minutes until it gets done. If you can see on your screen that the tool has successfully saved the password you’ve entered, you can go ahead and download the newly encrypted PDF files in your device’s file storage. 

You only have to make sure that the password you chose is strong enough that no one can easily decode it without your knowledge. You can combine different characters, including small and capital letters, numerals, and other symbols you want.  

Electronic FIle Conversion Tool

Another file tool that PDFBear offers for free is the electronic file converter. If you’re looking for a particular file format and can’t find it on your computer or smartphone, the best thing to do is convert your existing file to the format you need. If you want to have a more fixed and reliable file format, you can transform your Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations into PDF files. 

Moreover, if you have many PDF files containing important information and plan to keep them in your file storage for a long time, you have to convert your PDF files to PDF/A. With this, your files’ integrity, quality, and overall format and design will remain the same even after many years of safekeeping. You can check the actual PDFBear website to see other file formats that are available for conversion. 

eSign PDF Tool

If you’ve been handling PDF files for quite some time now, you might have encountered files that need a signature for validity and authenticity purposes. You can print out the files and let the required people sign them right away. After that, you can scan those documents to transform them into soft copies again. 

However, that process seems to be laborious and very time-consuming. To make your life easy, you can always access and use the eSign PDF tool of PDFBear. After uploading your PDF files on the website, you can use the computer mouse to manually input the required signature or utilize the computer touchpad. 

After a few minutes, you can have the newly signed PDF files downloaded directly to your device. That’s how fast and easy it is to electronically add signatures to your PDF files using the PDFBear platform. 


Electronic file management can be challenging, most especially if there are no reliable file tools at hand. Hence, the next time you’ll be needing any tools to complete your tasks, always visit the PDFBear website.  

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