Education: 6 benefits for individuals and society

Education is a basic necessity for every human being, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, or race. Every individual must earn at least a high school or college degree to pursue their goals. If they wish to study further for a higher degree, they should opt for higher-level courses. Receiving a quality education improves character, opens doors for new opportunities, and helps contribute to the growing economy. Research states that societies with highly educated people are healthy, have more economic stability, less crime rate, and promote equality. 

However, there are still people in the world who are deprived of quality education. According to UNICEF, about 175 million children are not attending preschool education. Researchers from the World Bank also found that 53% of children in lower-income countries can not even read correctly until age 10. Therefore, to shape a better society and future for yourself and your country, you must try to acquire high-quality education. High school research programs are designed to provide students with hands-on research experience.

If you are interested in learning about the benefits of higher education, here are some of them that you can look into:

Improves opportunities:

Earning a quality education broadens your scope of expertise and helps you to learn new skills and techniques. It opens new possibilities for you in different areas, for example, research or teaching.  

When we talk about the necessity of higher education and its benefits, there is a dire need to address that people from every culture, race, and ethnicity deserve to acquire higher education. Higher education diversity in institutions also helps in boosting innovation and communication, better cultural competency, and enhancing economic stability. According to Forbes, diversity magnifies innovation, increases opportunities, and allows more people to enter the workforce. Interacting with people from different backgrounds with different social and cultural values enhances learning and promotes teamwork skills. Therefore, if you want to increase your opportunities, you should earn a higher degree and educate yourself more.   

Personal development:

Education shapes you to become a better human. It’s not just about memorizing text and scoring good grades. It is a way of understanding how to make the world a better place through knowledge and acceptance. It will teach you the right code of conduct, moral values, good behavior, and ethics. 

Schools and colleges provide the necessary environment for personal developmental skills, for example, punctuality, cognitive skills, teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and presentation skills. Moreover, it enhances verbal communication and broadens your vision. 

Learning and education are very crucial in the workplace environment too. According to a Gallup report, 87% of millennials believe that learning and development are vital in the workplace, and 59% consider having these opportunities to learn and grow. 

Therefore, to become a better individual and succeed in life, you must use education to shape your personality and get the best of both worlds. Education can provide you with almost anything you need to achieve success, and one of them is a good personality.

Career advancement:

If you are unsure about your career path and need some guidance, consider getting a degree. Several high-paying jobs and companies require specific skills or higher education as a prerequisite. Earning a higher degree will help you attain these skills and advance in the career you want for yourself. 

A higher education degree has its benefits. According to UOP, the data on income research shows that college graduates earn more than high school graduates. College graduates also have better health and actively participate in volunteering and charitable activities. According to the Center on Education and the Workforce, graduate degree holders got 3.8 million jobs, bachelor’s degree holders got 4.7 million jobs, and high school graduates only got 80,000 jobs. It also states that bachelor’s degree holders secure almost 57% of the total wages. Therefore, earning a higher degree will help you climb the career ladder and earn more.

Healthy lifestyle:

A healthy and happy lifestyle is the key to living a long life. Individuals with higher education tend to live longer. According to General Social Survey published in Forbes, Americans with a college degree or above are happier, healthier, and enjoy a higher quality of life than high school graduates or those who are less qualified. 

In today’s market, a healthy individual is more likely to secure a job, and receive a quality education and additional benefits, for example, paid leaves or retirement. According to the Center on Society and Health, high-income families also have more time to exercise regularly and afford healthy food, healthcare, and transportation facilities. Hence, acquiring a quality education helps you to afford superior healthcare and have more time on your hands to focus on your healthy lifestyle.

Economic growth:

Economic growth starts with education. When an entire society becomes educated, productivity increases, average income increases, unemployment decreases, and the economy amplifies. People with higher education earn more wages than individuals with minimum education. According to Northeastern University, an associate degree holder makes an average of $7000 compared to a bachelor’s degree holder who earns an average of $26000. People who earn complete college courses but did not graduate earn around $43,316 annually.

Educated people are an asset to the country. They work on newer technologies, therapeutics, and machines to find innovative ideas that increase sustainability, improve the quality of life, and amplify economic growth. 

Societal benefits

Societies with a higher literacy rate and well-educated people prosper more and have a sense of unity and discipline. Educated societies believe in the equality and empowerment of everyone, for example, women’s empowerment. People in these societies show an active interest in voting and charitable activities. 

There is a sense of togetherness among people in educated societies. Violence and crime are pretty low in these areas. Moreover, the number of child marriages and deaths during childbirth is significantly less in these areas. According to UNICEF, the highest rate of child marriages is in underdeveloped countries because of no education and inferior socioeconomic background. 

Hence, educated societies have stable economies with excellent food and health facilities. Therefore, you should get a good education and contribute to establishing successful educational societies.


Education is the fundamental right of every individual. It assists you in becoming a better individual and yields to a better society that is free of crime and poverty. It develops morals and economic stability and shows us the importance of hard work to help us grow and develop. Therefore, acquiring higher education helps shape a better society that respects the rights of citizens, follows the rules and regulations, and enhances mutual growth.

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