Experts’ Global- The Best Ever At MBA Admission Consulting and GMAT Prep

The search for a high GMAT score and a seat in one’s dream MBA program is best assisted by Experts’ Global, a company that has helped thousands of students from across over 50 countries since its inception, and boosted them on the way to their MBA ambitions.

How It All Began

The company started operations in 2008, led by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, and has since remained committed to help students make the best of themselves through high-quality intellectual guidance provided through cutting-edge technology platforms. Always, Experts’ Global with both its peerless MBA admissions consultancy and its high-tech GMAT training package has remained a globally-vaunted choice for students.  made it a leading choice for countless learners globally. Bringing together a team with immense pride in its efficient processes and matchless results, the firm possesses a track record without equal.

GMAT Prep, On-demand, and Online

Experts’ Global’s flagship GMAT online preparation program provides students with on-demand access to over 300 instructional videos detailing the GMAT syllabus and the best test-taking and prep practices alike. Over 4000 practice questions, each of which follows the GMAT structure closely, test one’s grasp of the GMAT syllabus in-depth. The program uses well-balanced difficulty scaling and GMAT-identical questions structures to clarify each concept wholly. Further, with an interface that mimics the GMATs quite well, the software stands out!

Mock Tests

With 15 Full-Length GMAT mock tests at the heart of Experts’ Global’s GMAT prep program, each containing similar, GMAT-oriented questions, students will experience a scoring system that apes the GMATs in every aspect. The test series has often been lauded by students who report that their GMAT scores fall in line with their scores on the said mocks. This test series, carrying with it performance analytics that inform students of how well they’re doing after each test and following the final test stretch, only add to the test series’ utility.

Live Classroom Program

Experts’ Global’s live classroom program brings together a small student group each year under the tutelage of Mr. Srivastava. Held over weekends in Noida, the classes allow students to learn from Mr. Srivastav’s expertise and particular test-taking knack, both of which students attest to as vital in his GMAT instruction as a 99th percentile holder.

MBA Admissions Consulting

In providing admissions consulting guidance that is much more involved and extensive than that offered by competitors, Experts’ Global truly makes its mark. The firm sets standards in providing admissions guidance and has mastered each step of the process, providing “End to End Admissions Consulting”. This expertise drives Experts’ Global’s record of placing students in each of the world’s top 150 schools.

ISB Admissions Consulting

Experts’ Global’s record of helping learners in securing a seat in their targeted school is only augmented by the firm’s particular knowledge of ISB since over half of all GMAT test-takers apply to the school. Keeping this market-wide preference in mind, Experts’ Global has exhaustively researched the ISB admissions process and understood its intricacies comprehensively, making sure that 9 in 10 of its ISB aspirants get the interview calls they want.

Admissions Interview Mentorship

Knowing how important interviews are to the admissions process, Experts’ Global recognizes that interviews are the last hurdle standing between a student and admissions’ success. To jump this hurdle, students can benefit from the firm’s comprehensive interview training program. Built on a series of mock interviews led by an expert interview mentor, the program comprises exhaustive comprehensive groundwork, an instructional series of 15 videos laying out the fundamentals of good MBA admissions interview performance, and a questionnaire detailing the 30 most frequently asked interview questions.

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