Commercial Roofing Facts That Owners Must Know About

Who does not want to protect their house and live a happy life inside? If you want this too, you’ll probably install roofing over your house as it is incomplete. Doing this is not enough; you need to check and maintain it regularly roofers.

Here we have listed some important and interesting facts about roofing that will help you keep your roof maintained and damage-free. Some facts include leakage, breathing, professional roof cleaning, and a limited life span of shingles says

Roofing Facts That Everyone Should Know 

Flat Roofs Are Not Flat:

A flat roof is not flat as it seems to be. While standing on a flat roof, it usually seems flat. Still, there is a 1\4 inch to 1\2 inch grade pitch to allow water to drain swiftly and efficiently so that the water moves away from the exterior and interior of your house to keep it protected and safe.

Leaks Are Difficult To Observe:

Leaks are not easy to observe on the roofs, so to maintain the health of your roof and home, you need to check regularly, especially after a wind, rainfall, or snowfall. The rain and snow can create holes which can ultimately lead to leakage that causes damage to the roof and house.

So what to do to protect the roof from leakage and further damage? There is nothing to worry about. You need to check your roof every other day and if you find a leakage, get it fixed right away, and that is it.

  • Your Roof Is Breathing:

It might seem funny to you how a non-living thing like a roof can breathe? But it is said that your roof breaths because it needs air, just like we need oxygen to survive. Now, what is the point of saying this all?

The purpose of telling you this all is that your roof needs proper ventilation if you want to keep it maintained and free of any external or internal damage. Roof ventilation allows the warm and unwanted air to escape, letting in cool and breathable air.

  • Professional Roof Cleaning Companies:

Are you worried about keeping your roof clean throughout the year because it is very important? That is not a big deal because there are some very professional people to get your roofs clean whom you can hire.

You can hire roof cleaning professionals to keep your roof clean and free of moss, algae, and fungus. So, this way, you can get this task done better and professionally. They use special cleaning techniques and products that don’t harm the roof but protect it.

  • Limited Life Span Of Shingles:

Maybe you think that the shingles you have recently installed on your house will last forever because you got some good-quality shingles. So that is not going to happen as shingles have a limited lifespan mostly.

Also, suppose you continue using the same shingles for a long time. In that case, it is a dangerous case as it can cause holes and leakage, which will ultimately destroy the roof and your house exteriorly or interiorly. So it is really important to get new ones.

  • Strip Away The Old:

So generally, you are allowed to have a two-layered shingle on the roof of your house but what some people do is that they put on a new layer above the old damaged one. Remember that you should not do this.

Whenever you are going to replace the roof shingles with new ones, keep in mind that you have to remove the old and damaged layer of the shingle because it will cause damage to the roof instead of protecting it otherwise.

  • Four Things To Consider:

While designing a roof, most people are concerned about one thing how to choose the right roof for their house? Will the roof they are going to buy work? So here are the four important things you need to consider before installing a new roof:

  • Local Housing Standards
  • The slope of the roof
  • Eco-Friendly Options
  • Your Budget
  • The geographical location of your house determines the type of roofing material for your house for proper protection from climate changes and damage.


A house is incomplete with a roof, and a roof is incomplete without suitable material and maintenance. You must know some important facts about roofing to keep your house maintained and protected. These facts include the shape, professional roof cleaning, breathing, and leakage. Hopefully, you will have gained some valuable information by reading this article, and now you don’t need to be worried about the roof anymore.

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