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As the preferences of people change with time, so do the trends. The same can be said for the roofing industry too. You might be wondering why there is even a need for trends in roofs? Well, it is quite straightforward and simple. Homeowners or business owners get bored from using the same materials for their roofs over and over and are also in search of materials that function in the long run and are recyclable. Therefore, the need for trends in roofs is always there. 

Just like the inventions in the field of technology, there are noticeable revolutionary changes in the roofing industry as well. Now, what are those changes? Keep reading this article.

If you are considering replacing your roof with an entirely new one or want to make slight changes to your present roof with new trends of 2022 then hold on a little as we’ll let you explore the various roofing industry trends of 2022 and what it has in store for you:

  • Eco-friendly roofs

The awareness regarding climate change among people is gradually compelling them to switch to options that are environment-friendly and do not become a burden on the ecosystem after utilization. Eco-friendly roofs are a solution to this problem. That’s why these roofs have taken the roofing New Mexico industry to new heights of success. 

Eco-friendly roofs are gaining popularity ever since their launch because they are composed of recycled raw materials that after usage can be reused. Moving on, eco-friendly roofs consist of:

  • Green roofing 

This roofing type was launched keeping the situation of highly populated urbanized cities in thought where the concept of greenery and nature does not exist anymore. These cities are highly polluted too as there are little to no plants to help remove pollutants. So, green roofs are installed which consist of plants.  These plants use up rainwater ensuring the smooth functioning of the sewage system in big cities which is the icing on the cake. In addition, green roofs provide shade to the house thus maintaining the internal temperature of a house at normal levels.

  • Metal roofing

Metal roofs are formulated from recycled metals such as aluminum, lead, tin, silicon, etc. They can very easily be recycled after wear and tear thus not adding up as pollutants to the environment. Along with being eco-friendly, these roofs are energy-efficient too meaning they can help the reduction of energy costs by 40%.

  • Energy-efficient roofs

After the eco-friendly roofing, it is a well-known fact that energy-efficient roofs are also gaining fame among those that support the green movement and want to prevent the environment from depleting entirely. Energy-efficient roofs are introduced with the initiative of using solar energy which is a renewable form of energy and these roofs include:

  • Cool roofs

These roofs serve the purpose of reflecting the heat coming from the sun instead of absorbing it. Cool roofs are coated with light colors that make them a highly reflective surface when installed. These reduce energy costs and benefit the house both in winters and summers by keeping it warm and cold respectively. 

  • Solar roofs

Solar roofs consist of solar panels that during the daytime absorb energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. Solar roofs also do the job of minimizing utility bills and help in making businesses and homeowners become more energy independent. You also do not need to install a new roof for this purpose. Solar panels can be installed on both flat and pitched roofs.

  • Contrasting roof

If we look back in the past, roofing materials were merely present in a narrow range of colors consisting mainly of black, brown, or grey colors thus not providing variety to people who wished to opt for bold colors. 

Fortunately, the roofing industry took notice of what people wanted, and now with every roofing material, there comes a wide range of colors that goes well with every homeowner’s expectations. As a result, contrasting roofs are making the roofing business flourish with wealth which was difficult to achieve with the previous dull colors. 

  • Flat roofs

Flat roofs in comparison to steep-sloped or high-pitched roofs are highly in demand. The cause behind this popularity is mainly based on the fact that a flat roof allows the installation of other roofs (for instance solar, blue, or green roofs) without the need to replace them. This makes your house not only look modern and chic but also makes it experience the benefits of other roofing materials too.

On the other hand, pitched roofs do not allow the installation of a green or blue roof and keep you bound by providing very limited choices which are not favored. However, a solar roof can be installed on it. Therefore, if you are planning to conduct re-roofing for your roof, go for a flat roof and rest assured you will not regret it.


Owners of both commercial and residential properties are now demanding roofing materials that are based on recyclable raw materials so they can contribute their part to the green movement and put a stop to climate change which is giving rise to a lot of environmental problems thus making effective living difficult with each passing day.

To sum up, these trends would lend a helping hand in the maintenance of the ecosystem in addition to keeping the fossils from vanishing and making the survival of every species possible especially the aquatic life that is bearing the brunt of this situation. Another plus point is that these trends would cost you a single-time charge only and would ease the burden on your pockets after they are installed.

Hopefully, by now you would be able to decide on a trend that would best suit your property or business.

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