Car Wrap as a great ROI to promote your business

Increasing brand awareness can be tough, especially when the market is growing day by day. But car wraps are among the most compelling and cost-effective advertising tools which generate much visibility and thousands of impressions each day for businesses. In the sphere of marketing, car wrapping is considered to be a powerful contributor to all kinds of commercial applications. 

When estimating the advertising budget for certain marketing purposes, most businesses always bear in mind the importance of ROI- return on investment. Though traditional advertising venues are often reliable and valid choices, the statistics carried out by Axiom Print about the efficiency of Car Wrapping beat all other well-known advertising methods.

Many service-providing companies like plumbers, electricians, or other construction services prefer using commercial vans which are one of the most common vehicles in the sphere.  The average full wrap on these vehicles costs $3000 – $4500. On average, based on over 200 invoices, $3900 is the fair average car wrap price. Avoiding direct sunlight is very essential. The minimum lifespan of a car wrap is 5 years, but on average it can easily go up to 8 years if the car is regularly parked in a garage overnight. So if the full price of $3900 is depreciated in 60 months, the monthly payment on the wrap will be $65/month. Now, on the other hand, let’s look at the following statistics:

  • Average daily impressions of fully wrapped vehicles: 30000 – 70000 impressions.
  • An average number of days the car is out on the streets: 18-22 days.

With a $65/month payment, it pretty much costs $2.95 – $3.65 per day and if we consider the average 40000 impressions a day, it will cost 7c – 9c per 1000 impressions. 

As an example, if compared to an Instagram advertisement, it costs $2.50 per 1000 impressions. Of course, Instagram offers many tools for targeted advertising, but that means a fixed salary on top of the ads for SMM professionals, while car wrap will advertise on its own while the team is driving to perform its services.

Moreover, aside from the advertising potential of car wrap, it gives credibility to your business among existing clients, which leads to possible referrals for your business. Here are mind-blowing 

statistics which you may find interesting:

  • 98% of in-vehicle people claimed they noticed truck-side advertising
  • 33% of viewers from the cars decide on buying certain products or services based on advertisements they see on the vehicles
  • 92% of business owners who have tried car wrap as a form of advertisement, claimed that it’s the most effective way for local outdoor advertising.

Based on the average value of a service-based project, if the vehicle wrap generates 2-3 leads per month, it will definitely pay for the full price in 6 months.

With the above-mentioned results, we realize that the money you spend on a car wrap is definitely worth it. People may easily skip or fast forward commercials in the case of radio ads or TV commercials. But it is hard to avoid wrapped cars displaying your advertisement: ultimately they chase your attention. And with quality wrap, which was installed correctly, can remain vibrant and bold for up to six years. You invest once, then gain the best possible return on investment.

The ROI calculation is based on commercial vans, which take about 45% of commercial wraps. Pickup trucks and box trucks are among those common cars which are perfect for wrapping. The RIO may change based on the wrap price and average miles driven per month. Protecting your investment and making it last longer is another part of the RIO, since the longer the wrap lasts the cheaper “cost per day” gets. The best way to ensure the wrap has a long life is to avoid direct sun rays and weather changes, park the car in the garage or in a carport. Regular car wash is also important for longer life. Along with this, unfortunately, car accidents or vandalism are unavoidable incidents and therefore many commercial insurance companies offer vehicle wrap protection in their policies.  In order to protect the car wrap investment, make sure to include your car wrap in the commercial insurance policy, so the money is not wasted in case of an unexpected incident.

To make sure your car wrap can be done professionally in Los Angeles County, reach out to Axiom Print. Axiom Print is one of the reputable and competitive printing companies based in Los Angeles, who offer great printed additions to marketing essentials for boosting brand recognition. Moreover, the company is one of the best vehicle wrap providers in the US. With much attention to details, best-in-class design, quality printing and proper installation, they guarantee to save your time, money, nerves and put the wrap to work for your business for up to several years.

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