Can ED Be Caused by Cold Weather?

Cold weather can bring a lot of new challenges to our daily lives. Besides forcing us to wear layers upon layers of clothes, stay indoors and feel a bit down, cold weather can also cause men to have Erectile Dysfunction (ED). This can become extra frustrating as winters are the perfect time to stay indoors and get more time with your partner. Fortunately, there are ways you can overcome ED issues. Many medications are available today, ranging from popular and cheap viagra to generic Cialis or generic sildenafil. But let’s first talk about how ED is caused by cold weather in the first place. 

To understand how a drop in temperature can lead to ED, we need to first understand how our bodies work and react to cold temperatures. 

Our Bodies in Winter 

The systems in our bodies are constantly working to maintain equilibrium. This includes balancing water content, removing waste materials and maintaining the ideal temperature. When it gets too cold or too hot outside, our body takes several steps to increase our body temperature. 

One way our body regulates temperature is through vasodilation and vasoconstriction. When temperature drops in our environment, our arteries and veins are restricted, moving blood away from the surface. Warmblood from the body’s core typically loses heat to the environment as it passes near the skin. When our veins are constricted, less heat is lost to the environment. 

As a result of this process, blood circulation to other “non-essential” body parts gets reduced. For example, you may have noticed that your hands and feet start to feel numb in extreme cold. This is due to a lack of blood flow. Similarly, our body also stops blood from flowing to the penis. This can cause ED and result in a flaccid penis. 


The male sex hormone testosterone is responsible for many functions in the body. The direct action of testosterone is to regulate the timing of the erectile process, dictate libido, and inhibit sperm production. Low testosterone levels are linked to the same chronic conditions that play a role in erectile dysfunction. 

A study found that testosterone levels in men significantly decrease during the cold months of January and February compared to the summers. Although researchers are unsure of exactly why, this may result from evolution, as our ancient ancestors struggled to survive in the harsh winter and sex was not seen as a priority. It could also be due to our bodies receiving less sunlight. 

Seasonal Depression 

Feeling depressed and lethargic during winters is a common problem for many people. Season Affective Disorder (SAD) is a condition which affects 0.5 to 3 per cent of individuals in the general population. This disorder can significantly lower our libidos. It is unclear exactly why this occurs, but it is also associated with a lack of sunlight available to our bodies. 

People diagnosed with SAD usually get prescribed anti-depressant or Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). This class of medications further lowers the libido and is known to cause ED. 

If you believe you are suffering from SAD, you should seek professional help. A licensed therapist will help you understand your issue. It will also be good for your partner because, as with most cases of ED, both the patient and their partner suffer when there is ED in the relationship. 

Other than SAD, general mental health issues can also cause ED. People diagnosed with depression or anxiety often have a hard time staying aroused long enough to maintain an erection. This is due to their brains dealing with many emotions and unexamined problems. 

Ways Of Preventing ED In Winters

You can minimize your chances of developing ED in the winter by taking the following steps. 

Wear Socks 

As discussed earlier, heat conservation by our bodies can cause our hands and feet to be extra cold. Wearing socks will help you maintain heat and keep you nice and comfy. A study found that 80% of couples who wore socks to bed reached orgasm versus 50% of those who did not. 


Remaining active is good for your overall health, including sexual health. Living an active lifestyle means you are less susceptible to developing chronic health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, which can also cause ED. Moreover, our bodies release endorphins which give us much needed energy during the wintertime. 

Soak up some sunlight 

Find time to get out when the sun is shining. This helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, which naturally boosts our mood. If you cannot find time to go outside during the day or live in an area that does not receive regular sunlight, you can even take Vitamin D supplements. 

ED Medications and Treatment 

If the above-mentioned ways of treating ED in winters do not seem to make a difference for you, there are always medications. Advances in medicine have been significant, and today we have medications that work rapidly and help overcome ED.


There are a variety of ED medications like Generic Viagra, Tadalafil Mylan, Cialis Generic, and Sildenafil. All of these are affordable and readily available. The way to go about getting these medications is by first consulting a doctor. ED cases can vary from person to person, and only a doctor can determine the suitable medication. There can be underlying health reasons for ED, and addressing those reasons automatically relieves ED. That is why it is important to see a doctor and get a thorough medical exam. If the medications do not work for some reason or you can’t take them, there are still alternative options, such as penis pump, surgical options, and even sex therapy. 

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