Best Menswear Pieces For Winter 2021

Winter is coming. Is your wardrobe ready? The cold season is excellent for fashion with its chunky knits, classy coats, and deep, earthy colors. 

You don’t need a complete wardrobe overhaul – adding just a few classic items like a cable knit sweater or a wool overcoat will open many styling opportunities for the cold months. 

Not sure what to get? Here are the best menswear pieces for winter 2021.

Wool coat  

A classic, minimal winter overcoat is an absolute must-have in every man’s wardrobe. 

Wool not only keeps you warm on cold days, but it also protects you from snow, rain, and sleet. 

A coat in grey, black, brown, or camel that goes to your knees is the best option for both everyday and formal occasions. 

Puffer jacket

An almost polar opposite (see what we did there) is a puffer jacket that serves the same purpose – keeping you warm – but looks absolutely different.

A goose-down puffer is usually especially warm and great for even the lowest temperatures and will work perfectly on all your weekends or casual outings. 

Opt for something monochrome and without too many badges or logos.

Cable knit sweater

Whether you like sweaters or not, you’re probably going to need one in winter. Make sure you get a stylish one, and you can never go wrong with a cable-knit piece.

It started as a trusty sweater that fisherman in the North Atlantic wore to protect themselves from freezing winds and is now the absolute staple for every guy. 

Go for the classic, thick lambswool sweater in an earthy, neutral color.

Flannel shirt 

Layering is key for staying warm in winter, and nothing layers better than a trusty flannel shirt. Why did you think lumberjacks love it so much?

Choose one made of thick cotton fleece, and you have a staple for every weekend.

Don’t forget that it also matters what you wear under the flannel, so make sure you have high-quality tees on hand. We love the crew necks by that offers a wast array of choices and styles. 


A hoodie is a versatile piece, and it’s just comfortable and cozy on a cold winter’s day that you really want to have one ready for these long months.

Opt for simple colors like black, grey, or beige to keep things timeless, and make sure the hoodie is made of thick, soft cotton.

Wool suit 

We’ve stayed in the house for so long many of us have even forgotten that there might be things going on outside our homes. 

Whether it’s an evening at the opera or a formal work event, you need a good, warm wool suit. 

It’s going to keep you warm and stylish looking! Choose simple and classic colors like grey, charcoal, or navy, so you can wear the suit for years without worrying it will go out of fashion. 


And now for the accessories! These often make the outfit, so take some time choosing the best ones for you. 

A beanie. Keep your head warm and look stylish with a beanie. Always go for something simple that will work with most of your coats and jackets.

Wool socks. Sexy? No really? Crazy warm? Yes! You need wool socks for those freezing days when even thick boots won’t cut it. 

Scarve. It’s a necessity whether you wear a puffer or an overcoat. A warm scarf keeps your neck and face warm and protects you from getting a scratchy throat. Pick a color that works with most of your jackets.

Gloves. Freezing hands with icicles instead of fingers is just not going to work! You need to keep your hands warm (and no, you can’t always keep them in pockets), so get warm wool or leather gloves


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