Are You Dreaming of a New Bathroom? 3 Tips For a Successful Remodel

As much as bathroom remodeling is exciting, it can be expensive and time-consuming. You can spend a few thousand dollars on sprucing up an existing bathroom. But the figure can shoot up to six figures for a total makeover of a high-end master bath.

Bathroom remodeling is worth all these efforts if you manage your money well. Ensure you go for improvements that jive with your lifestyle and routine.

You could need a soaking tub to relax after a long day. Or you may not have enough shelves for shampoo and other bath essentials. You might consider having two sinks if the bathroom is for two. It will minimize tug-of-war when brushing teeth with your partner.

According to research, 70% of consumers develop a higher desire to be home after a renovation. So if you’re dreaming of a bathroom remodel, here are a few secrets to making the project successful.

1.  Plan Ahead Before You Start

Planning is one of the essential aspects of any house renovation. You need to ask yourself some of the mundane questions before you start with your mood board.

These questions may seem irrelevant, but their impact on your bathroom needs may surprise you. Failure to plan you may be setting yourself up for many disappointments. For instance, you may blow up your budget or encounter unforeseen issues.

Ensure you consider your budget and the bathroom remodel’s top priorities after deciding to start renovating your bathroom. If you’re working with an expert, these are some things they will ask you before beginning the project.

You should have your responses ready and consult with your designer, then start creating your mood board. Here are some of the elements you should consider:

  • Activities: What are some of your day-to-day routines? This is essential as it informs the type of layout that will work with your bathroom.
  • Budget: How much are you willing to spend on the bathroom renovation? Consider various ways and aspects that you would distribute the project’s budget. For instance, how to allocate the budget with these aspects:


  • Labor
  • Counters and surfaces
  • Copper bathtub or freestanding tubs with shower
  • Lighting and ventilation
  • Doors and windows
  • Design and miscellaneous


  • Updates: From the list, what aspects would you prioritize? Is having a freestanding copper tub significant to you because of its health benefits? Or is the tub for aesthetics? All these are relevant and essential. Have a list of all the elements of the makeover that are significant to you, then proceed with them accordingly.


  • Timeline: The project’s timeline is essential for organizing the remodeling and keeping track. Ensure you have a timeline of the bathroom remodeling and communicate it with your designer if you’re working with one.


  • How many people will use the bathroom? Having the correct number of people expected to use the project is crucial. This will help you determine if you need two sinks and mirrors or if one will be fine.


  • Current v.s. New: Ensure you communicate the dislikes of your existing space. This will help you not replicate the dislikes in your new bathroom.

2.  Consider the Features and Amenities

You need to consider various fixtures, features, amenities, and comfort during remodeling. All these will be dependent on the size and location of your bathroom.

Ensure you analyze all the possible alternatives in advance before you start the project. For instance, you need to understand the basics of the shower, tub, toilets, sink, and lighting before starting.


Having a copper tub may not be a top priority in your project, but it’s valuable. It enhances your bathroom’s appeal, and at the same time, it increases the resale value of your property.

Moreover, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of a copper soaking tub in your home. The existence of a tub in your bathroom is appealing to a broader demographic. You will get to enjoy the health benefits the tub offers.

Because it’s kid and elder-friendly, it appeals to families and elders. It’s an added advantage to immobile elders who may need a sit-down bathing place.

You can go for large copper tubs with jets and massagers if you have more space in your bathroom.

Also,with a small enhancement in your small bathroom, you can rebuild the tub in the shower area. You might consider having modern rails with sleek glass shower door entryways from Gatsby Glass instead of shower curtains.

The size of your bathroom shouldn’t hinder your desires. There are various ways to make it stand out and appear larger.


Installing a new toilet should be a top priority when replacing your bathroom’s fixtures. To increase the value of your property, you should consider installing an energy-saving or a dual flush toilet.

Installing a new and modern toilet instantly boosts your bathroom’s feel, appearance, and ambiance. You can leverage this hack if you have a limited or low budget for your bathroom remodel project.


Another aspect to consider when remodeling your bathroom is the lighting. Your style of lighting has a significant impact on the outcome of your bathroom renovation job.

Besides, the aesthetic lighting helps improve your bathroom’s visual performance and safety.

You can choose to go for vanity and accent lighting and ceiling lighting to create a unique visual ambiance. Besides, you can include vanity lights on top of bathroom sinks, vanities, or countertops.

Additionally, installing the lighting above mirrors or the shower unit is a good idea. Also, you can consider adding a new window to your bathroom. It will help enlarge your bathroom more than usual and increase the amount of natural lighting.

3.  The Safety of Your New Bathroom

Keep in mind that the bathroom could be the smallest room, but it’s one of the most dangerous rooms in your house.


According to the CDC, almost 235,000 adults over the age of 15 suffer bathroom injuries yearly. Most of which are as a result of slips and falls.

Ensure you prioritize safety when planning for a bathroom makeover. You can shop for bath safety equipment from most home improvement bathroom showrooms, stores, and tile shops.

And your bathroom’s aesthetics, functionality, and design shouldn’t be a problem as safety and beauty can complement each other.

It’s easy to incorporate most of these safety improvements into an existing or new bathroom.  You can consider these ideas and quick fixes to create a better and safer bathroom:

You can include grab bars in your existing bathroom to offer support. You can mount the grabs horizontally or vertically, and they can help support your whole body weight. This is because the grabs are easy to grasp and pull on.

Also, ensure that your bathroom’s lighting and electrical system are in perfect condition before starting the bathroom remodeling.

You need to countercheck the wiring to see if they’re up to date and can compliment your new fixtures and appliances. Ensure you do this before adopting or fixing these new fixtures.

Wrapping Up

Bathroom remodeling can be exciting or stressful, depending on how you plan it. As much change is inevitable regarding bathroom remodeling, you need to recognize the value of a thoughtful strategy.

Take into consideration the technical and creative journey before starting the project. Therefore, this should be enough to invest the same effort and money in both areas. Doing this will ensure you have a beautiful, marketable, safe, and functioning bathroom in the long run.

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