An Overview of What a Nephrologist Does

Kidney diseases can rob a person of vital life functions and impede daily routines. If a person undergoes tests for stomach pain and sees kidney function tests results show abnormalities, then he/she will have to visit a specialist.

This is where the best nephrologist in Bangalore steps in.


A multi-faceted specialist

A nephrologist is a physician who specializes in the treatment of kidney diseases. They have a great track record of taking care of people with specific kidney disorders or those with diverse medical problems related to the kidneys. 

Nephrologists perform outpatient, inpatient and intensive care rounds. They also provide advice for other interdisciplinary staff. They often work closely with other specialists such as nephrology nurses and dialysis technicians.


What Does a Nephrologist Do?

[1] The best nephrologist in Bangalore is entrusted with taking complete care of all issues that affect a person’s kidneys. According to the patient’s needs, they provide management and treatment of kidney diseases. Some of the activities permed by a nephrologist in this regard are –

(a) Administers medications in accordance with the prescription of a nephrologist or as directed by the physician.

(b) Administers dietary restrictions to ensure proper kidney function and better manage the conditions affecting the kidneys.

(c) Prescribes nutritional supplements, laboratory tests, and other diagnostic tests to determine the patient’s progress towards the goal.


[2] The nephrologist performs various tests on patients to determine the underlying cause of kidney disorders.

(a) Performs blood tests and other diagnostic procedures to determine the cause of impaired kidney functions.

(b) Determines whether an infection or medication is the underlying cause of kidney disorders by performing urine test, cultures, and analysis.

(c) Provides general health guidance and educates patients about health-related issues.

(d) Records and provides feedback on the patient’s progress towards treatment goals.

(e) Treats patients with or without dialysis per the physician’s orders


[3] Diagnoses abnormal growths (stones and tumours).

[4] Treats and advises patients for kidney disorders.

[5] Advises other members of the health care team who are involved in the patient’s treatment.


When should you visit a nephrologist?

You should ideally visit the best nephrologist in Bangalore in the first 24-48 hours following the onset of symptoms. You need to carry out the below steps –

(a) Obtain urinalysis, blood test and other diagnostic procedures to determine the cause of impaired kidney functions.

(b) If in doubt about what is causing your symptoms, seek consultation from a nephrologist. He/she will then provide you with specific instructions for how to proceed with your treatment plan.


To sign off

This was an overview of the various duties discharged by a nephrologist. If you are looking to consult with the best nephrologist in Bangalore then you are just one step away. Visit Bajaj Finserv Health and get access to esteemed nephrology specialists nearby.

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