Advantages of Fireplace Glass Doors

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Fireplaces are a wonderful home amenity, but their original purpose is to heat rooms. However, let’s be honest, modern furnaces are rather decorative and often don’t produce enough heat to offset utility bills. But you can increase their efficiency by adding glass doors.
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The History of the Fireplace

There are many reasons to install a fireplace glass door. Not only do they make this heating body look great, but they also improve safety and efficiency. And, the best part is that they require a lot less cleaning!
Great Aesthetics

Fire Doors for fireplaces are a great way to add character and charm to any furnace you install in your living room. These hearth accessories can be customized to suit your home’s decor and complement the style of your living room. You can find these add-ons in many styles, colors, and materials.
The aesthetics matter when choosing a fireplace door. But you must ensure that the chosen model fits your furnace. These hearth add-ons are not universal and should be made specifically to the furnace type you have.
When installing blockages to your fireplace, ensure they are level with the opening. Be sure to check that the insulation is sticking out on the framing. Also, ensure that the door is flush with the firebox, so it doesn’t get scratched. Then, use a socket wrench to secure the brackets to the brick. Don’t overtighten the screws or lead anchors because that could damage or ruin them.
Heating Efficiency

Adding fireplace glass doors to your home can help improve your heating efficiency. As you know, the chimney is a major source of heat energy loss. Installing any blockage to hearth openings can almost double its efficiency. Besides, these fireplace add-ons maintain the temperature inside the room and seal against heat, which means your furnace will burn more efficiently.
Warm air can escape through the chimney because it’s lighter than cool air. So it tends to go up. When that happens, the room’s temperature drops. Doors with closeable air vents will keep warm air in the room. Most models are air-tight, so your hearth will continue to burn efficiently.
Installing Watson’s ceramic fireplace glass doors would be possible for gas or electric open furnaces. Of course, in the case of an open fire, that won’t always work. But these accessories still reduce the amount of air that leaks up the chimney. In the long run, that will lower energy costs.

There are many benefits of installing a closing on your fireside, but perhaps the most significant is increased safety. Open furnaces can pose a fire hazard. Stray logs and sparks can fly into the room and trigger a fire. These decorative add-ons keep them from rolling out and spreading throughout the house and igniting nearby combustible materials.
Fireplace glass doors are also a great way to improve the safety of the fireside, especially if you have kids and pets. These add-ons protect your youngsters, as they may accidentally touch the fireplace and get burnt. Also, these hearth accessories prevent the draft of smoke in the home. They also protect your home from harmful gases that may escape the hearth.
Less Cleaning

Fireplace glass closing is an excellent solution to the problem of fireplace clean-up. This accessory reduces the amount of ash, smoke, and cinders accumulated around the hearth in your living room. That means less clean-up for you. Using mesh fireplace screens is a great option to keep the area around the hearth clean, too.
Keeping the doors slightly open during burning minimizes the build-up of baked-on grime. Also, by letting fresh air into the fireplace, glass closings can reduce creosote deposits. It’s a flammable substance that can damage the chimney. So, you should regularly inspect your furnace for the excess build-up of this matter. Also, check doors for any cracks or holes.

As for maintenance, glass doors are easy to clean. And there are plenty of ways to keep your fireplace doors looking great. A simple solution is a citrus-based cleaner or vinegar and water combination. Avoid using abrasive matters like baking soda or toothpaste. Tempered glass is a strong material, but the scratches weaken its integrity and may cause breakages.
You can find more tips on DIY glass door cleaning here. Also, you can buy commercial glass cleaning paste at home improvement stores. Of course, it will cost you a little more, but it works well to clean furnace closings without scratching. Finally, you can use a wood stove or heavy-duty cleaner for stubborn or greasy stains.

Besides improving the look of your fireplace, glass doors can improve its energy efficiency and thus lower your heating costs. Also, many companies make hearth accessories with unique designs tailored to your needs and taste.

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