Moving Tools for Heavy Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom houses some of the heaviest furniture in your home. A typical dresser can weigh 150 pounds or more after it’s been unloaded.

If you’re looking to redecorate your bedroom, relocating all of your furniture will be a tough battle. Even with someone else’s help, it could take hours.

The good news is that certain moving tools can help reduce the physical toll of moving heavy bedroom furniture. Read on to learn which of these tools are the most essential to your bedroom move.

Hand Truck

Hand trucks feature an L-shaped metal frame with a platform and two wheels at the bottom. They’re one of the most commonly-used tools in the furniture moving world.

They’re incredibly versatile and can help you move a wide range of furniture. To use one, you’ll wedge the platform under the piece of furniture and tip the hand truck towards you. Some also contain straps to help secure the furniture while you move it with the truck.

With a hand truck, you’ll be able to move even the heaviest pieces of furniture with ease. They work best for tall furniture, but long pieces can also be stood on end and placed on a hand truck.

Furniture Dolly

Furniture dollies are made of a platform on four independent wheels. They’re also a common sight at many moves.

These tools work best for moving long pieces of furniture like dressers and sofas. To use one, you’ll have to lift the piece and place it on the dolly. 

Once the furniture is on the dolly, moving it is as easy as pushing it around. 

Mattress Carts

Beds are one of the hardest pieces of furniture to move. Mattresses typically weigh over 100 pounds and their pliable nature makes them difficult to carry.

These mattress carts look and operate similar to dollies, with four wheels attached to a flat platform. They also boast side rails to keep the mattress from falling off.

Moving a mattress has never been easier. You’ll just load it into the cart and push it where you want it to go.

Furniture Straps

Furniture straps make lifting heavy objects simple. You and a partner will place a piece of furniture in the middle of these straps and then put your forearms through the holes in each end.

The straps support the weight of the furniture, reducing the amount of strength required to lift and move it.

Furniture Sliders

If you’re looking for a way of moving heavy furniture safely without lifting it, sliders are an excellent thing to invest in. They’re usually made of plastic or felt, and they allow you to slide your heaviest furniture without damaging your floors.

You’ll need at least four sliders to move most pieces of furniture. You’ll place one at each corner.

Take care to slide the piece slowly to ensure that it doesn’t shift off the slider and scratch the floor.

Moving Tools Help With Heavy Furniture

Moving your bedroom furniture isn’t easy. You have to contend with some of the heaviest and bulkiest pieces of furniture in your home.

Moving tools like hand trucks, dollies, and mattress carts make the process much easier and safer.

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