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It is very likely that your IP address and geolocation will be revealed when you open websites or browse the internet as usual. Your internet privacy will thus be jeopardised, and those with bad intentions may profit from this situation. Proxyium‘s free web proxy can help you out in this situation. It is a tool that acts as a safeguard while you browse the web by concealing your IP address and location and authorising you to browse the web anonymously. By utilising this tool, you can do nothing to ensure that robbers and bad performers won’t loot your online identity.

Advantages of Proxyium Web Proxy

  • Theft of Identity

 By encrypting your internet traffic through our web proxy, it is impossible to access your local IP address. You won’t have to be concerned about your identity being stolen while browsing anonymously on your favourite websites. 

  • SSL Protocols

All websites, comprising those that don’t have SSL by insolvency, are encrypted with SSL. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocols are utilised to develop secure connections between networked computers.

  • Share with your Friends

 With a permalink, you can share pages with friends. Your friends can immediately access blocked websites using this permalink without using blockers.

  • Accessible on All OS

 A web proxy from this platform is freely usable on all operating systems. 

  • Most Current Web Standards Supported

 This proxy supports the majority of web standards. The best practises for the standard and technical aspects of a web page are documented by web standards.

  • No Download Limit

Using our webproxy, you are not restricted in any way in terms of the amount of content you can download.

Is web proxy a secured platform

It is not illegal in and of itself to use a proxy server. Nevertheless, how and where a proxy is utilised will specify whether or not it is lawful. Employing a web proxy to get around internet censorship or access obstructed websites may be against the law in some countries.

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