7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Him Feel Proud of You

Fathers are often underrated! They are seen as authoritarian personalities telling no to their kids for everything or spoiling them by being too friendly with them, but little is known that they are just protecting you from the world’s harshness. They only want what is best for you and don’t hesitate to show you the right path if ever you deviate from it. 

Their heart is as soft as that of a mother, but they take it upon themselves to make you a better human being even if they have to create a rough and tough image for the same, and the best part is you know it too. No matter how often you feel ignored by him, you know in your heart that he is always by your side. This Father’s Day, shower him with some love by presenting him with a unique gift that makes the bond between you two even more substantial. The Manly Man Company® is a veteran-owned small business that makes manly gifts including Beef Jerky Flowers, Bacon Roses, Manly Gift Boxes, and Meat Card™. Here are some suggestions:

  1. The Shopping Spree

Remember your childhood when he used to take you to shop for almost everything you needed or wanted? Well, it’s your turn to return to fulfil his needs by taking him shopping and splurging on the things he loves or wants. It may be clothes, gadgets, shoes, food or anything that he loves.

  • The Personalised Wallet

He used to give you pocket money from his wallet, and now you should be the one to gift him a new wallet personalised with his name on it. You will always be his kid and could ask for pocket money whenever you need his blessing, but this time, he will be taking money out of the wallet you have gifted. This Father’s Day gift idea touches the strong thread of love between you two.

  • The Designer Cake

Every time it was your birthday, you would ask for a specific type of cake, and he delivered it. This time, celebrate Father’s Day with a designer cake in the flavour of his choice and let him know that you know him better than anyone else. You can pick the design from a leading online bakery and gift portal like FlowerAura, and don’t forget to pair it with a bunch of flowers.

  • A Polaroid Camera

Yes, cameras are embedded in every smartphone today, but there is a vintage aura about polaroids that your father will instantly love. He will be able to capture the moments and save them in an album, old school style. Let him reminisce of those days when he was a kid, and everything was more accessible for him. He will be very proud of you for such a thoughtful present . If you’re still undecided, it may be best to avail eftpos gift cards to let the dads decide their present.

  • The Smart Watch

Divert him towards fitness with a new smartwatch that not only tells the time but measures his heartbeat at any given point and counts the total steps he has taken in a day. This present will motivate him to pay more attention to his fitness regime, and if he is already a fitness freak, he will know how this little gadget could help him in his daily life.

  • The Wireless Ear Pods

Who doesn’t love music! Introduce him to the new world of technology where he doesn’t have to worry about the hassles of a wired earphone or constantly listen to the music on speaker. This gift will let him enjoy tunes of his choice in peace and enjoy the charming sunset or a beautiful sunrise with a smile on his face.

  • A Chronograph Watch

A sleek watch is never out of fashion and will always be the classiest choice as a gift for your dad. He will proudly wear it to the office or with his friends and won’t forget to tell every soul that his son or daughter gifted him this timepiece. He will feel proud that he raised you right, and his daughter or son still care and love him as much as he does.

What are you giving your father on this Father’s Day? Do tell in the comments!

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