5 Video Editing Tools with Eye-catching Effects

Video editing is now easier thanks to the advancement of technology. You can now make swift edits and create full-length promotional videos with nothing but your browser. Free video maker tools such as Promo are now among the top choices for video editors and marketing experts. Combined with social media, there is enormous potential in the online world.

Audiences typically react more to video content as opposed to pictures or long texts. Let’s face it, no one wants to read long paragraphs anymore unless it’s really interesting. That is why marketing experts take video making seriously. No matter how simple the concept or theme of the video is, the editing process still takes time.

Your promotional video is a reflection of who you are as a business or company. Think of it as a first impression, and first impressions last. So it’s important that whatever promotional content you put out should be eye-catching. To help you achieve high-quality effects, here are some video editing tools that may help you out.


Promo is a free video maker that’s steadily making a name for itself in the editing community. You can easily access this site via your web browser. This makes it a smart choice for an editor who wishes to save time and space on their computer. Furthermore, this also means that you can access it virtually anywhere.

Like WeVideo, it also has an extensive gallery of clips and music that you can use. Over a million to be exact, and it’s also worth noting that the videos are shot by professionals. So if you happen to have an idea for a promotional video, you can piece together clips from the media gallery. Spice it up with free-to-use music too.

Promo’s user interface is refreshing to look at as it does not look complicated at all. In fact, newbie editors will be delighted to know that it also has short instructions beside each tool. This is especially helpful for people who are not too tech-savvy. Though seasoned video editors might think it’s unnecessary, it certainly isn’t a hindrance to editing.


Wevideo is a solid choice for editors who want simple but competent software. Much like traditional editors, it allows you to use your own clips or photos and edit them. It has a selection of clips and photos that you can use in case you don’t have your own. It’s free to use but there are some features that only premium users can access.

The basic editor can be used by anyone, which includes important actions such as trimming and merging videos together. The layout of this editor bears a resemblance to traditional editing software. For those used to programs like Adobe or Vegas Pro, you might like WeVideo because the interface looks so similar.

This free video maker does a great job of editing videos with nice effects. If you want something a little bit more eye-catching you might want to take a look at the premium version. It has a lot to offer plus additional features. Needless to say, the premium version requires a monthly subscription.


Kizoa’s layout is a little bit different from the rest of the programs on this list. For instance, the timeline is different from that of traditional software and the other free video makers. While you still need to drag and drop clips onto it, the design is a bit different. Editors who are used to the traditional timeline will feel at home with this software.

This editor includes popups and instructions on what to do next, again making it a great choice for beginners. It’s not unusual for free video makers to have this feature, but there are still some that don’t. If you are a seasoned editor, then it might not affect your decision to use this software.

Either way, this video editor has all the qualities you want in a free video maker. But if you’re aiming to make promotional content, you might want to go for the ones with templates. But if simple edits are more up your alley, then Kizoa should be good enough.


Magisto is a free video maker that’s widely known among marketing experts because of its sleek-looking templates. This is a great pickup for businesses that are formal and professional. Moreover, you can easily switch up the theme of the video you’re making with the click of a button.

Like the others on this list, Magisto also has a media library with tons of material to choose from. You can make use of these media for free or upload your own work. As for the interface, there’s nothing fancy about it, which is arguably its main selling point.

Lastly, Magisto is easily accessible across multiple devices. You can access it via your computer, your tablet, laptop, and even your phone! Working remotely has never been easier, thanks to the cross-platform feature of this free video maker.


InVideo is also on the list because not only is it free to use, but the free version has tons of features that come with it. Unlike the others on the list, most of the advanced features often require a monthly subscription. But with InVideo, you get to use most of the features and templates.

In addition to that, whether you use the free version or the premium version your final product will not have a watermark on it. This is great if you want your audience to focus on your promotional content. A promo video should captivate the viewers instantly, and watermarks can be problematic.

Its homepage looks really modern and very sophisticated. It even has a live update on what templates are hot right now. With over 4000+ templates, you shouldn’t have a problem looking for one that suits your needs. Furthermore, video editing is also made easier with this program as there are different categories you can choose from.

Parting Words On Free Video Maker Recommendations

So now it’s up to you. After doing your due research, it’s time to choose the one tool you’ll use. Remember that every option brings its perk. So the one tool for your it’s out there

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