5 Sprinting Tips to Help You Keep Going

Around 50 million Americans run for exercise, many of whom enjoy sprinting. 

Learning how to sprint requires perfect form and technique so you stay ahead of the crowd. Although most runners think they can easily swap to sprinting, there are huge differences to consider. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed about learning how to sprint and you’re looking for inspiration.  

Sounds like you? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here are the top five sprinting tips to help you.  

  1. Focus On Your Form 

Once you’ve bought running shoes from a reliable retailer like St Pete Running Company, familiarize yourself with proper sprinting form. As a general rule, your arms should move alongside your feet.

Note, your arms act as accelerators so keep them by your side during the sprint. You should also bring your knees high and maintain an upright posture.  

  1. Start With Long Strides 

One of the top running tips is to start strong with long strides. If you take short steps, you can’t generate the force needed to propel yourself forward. Also, longer strides mean you have longer contact time with the ground so you can generate speed. 

  1. Practice With Plyometric Exercises

You can improve your sprinting by practicing plyometric exercises. These are explosive moments that strengthen your muscles and boost power. For instance, this includes squats, jumping jacks, and skipping. 

When you add these into your exercise routine, it’ll improve your sprinting technique. After weeks of practice, you’ll notice your legs are more effective at pushing off the ground and landing faster. But avoid practicing these exercises straight after running and minimize it to twice a week so your legs properly rest.  

  1. Build Your Sprint Muscle 

Once you’ve learned how to sprint, it’s important to consistently build your leg muscles. Target your glutes and hamstrings as they’re key to improving your speed. If you’re not sure where to start, incorporate deadlifts, glute-ham raises, and step-ups to boost your muscles.  

Further, develop your coordination and balance because these are often overlooked. For instance, practice using speed ladders so your feet and body move faster harmoniously. 

  1. Experiment With Intensity 

Although it’s tempting to strive for high speed, experimenting with different intensities is a great way to train. In your routine, include a combination of distances and speed as it will improve your overall performance. 

You should also consider tackling hill sprints, even though they’re dreaded by most sprinters. But running uphill simulates how you start at the beginning of every race, which is great practice. And if you want to switch it up, try running downhill but choose a gradual gradient for safety reasons.  

Use These Sprinting Tips Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, our sprinting tips have jumpstarted your new venture. 

There are many areas to focus on such as practicing your form and starting with long strides to gain momentum. You should also incorporate plyometric exercises and build your leg muscles as it will improve your performance. Good luck!

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