5 Reasons to Start a Sign Shop

Sign shops are one of the best businesses anyone can get into.  Not only do you get to create awesome signs that advertise businesses and events, but you also get to set your own hours and be your own person.


These are the top five reasons why anyone should consider starting their own sign shop!

You Can Create Your Own Designs

One of the best things about owning your own sign shop is that when customers hire you, they expect you to create your own unique design for them.  This gives you some room to be creative and have fun with it, which will make your job more fun.  Not only can you think outside the box, but not having to answer to a supervisor about design choices means you can create your own style that stands out and works for advertising your business.

Smaller Startup Fee Than Most Businesses

The average business sign set-up can cost between ten thousand to a hundred thousand dollars to start.  This includes the machines you’ll print and create with and the sign software you’ll create these signs on.  Beware companies that try to sell you startup packages unless they’re offering you a franchise.  Some companies will try to take advantage of new entrepreneurs and will rob you of hundreds of thousands of dollars for information you can find free on the internet.

The Chance to Set Your Own Hours

If you’re more comfortable staying up at night and working, or you’d rather take weekends off every week, you can do whatever you want as a business owner.  Of course, if you never work and avoid responsibilities, you may notice that your sales suffer, but taking the time to set reasonable expectations and a schedule for yourself will give you the chance to succeed!  Every business needs to work at some time; just make sure those hours work for you.

Ability to Make Over $100,000 Your First Year

The average sign shop makes around $200,000 a year per employee and grows by nearly twenty percent every year.  This means that, within your first year, you can easily make $100,000 at the very least based on your own work and self-advertising.  Of course, over time, you’ll want to hire more employees, but this high amount of income gained in the first year of doing anything is fantastic.  The average sale for a full sign manufacturing company is over two million dollars a year, so it’s a great goal to work up to.

No Boss to Answer To

Being your own boss is something powerful to anyone who’s worked an hourly job before.  Having a boss breathe down your neck about every decision you make can be draining and leaves a lot of people tired of their jobs and eager to quit so they can move on to something better that they’ll enjoy doing.  If you hire anyone under you, keep this in mind so that your employees will want to continue working for you as long as possible.

Starting a Sign Shop is an Awesome Choice

With a small investment, you can create your own sign shop!  Create something awesome, and people will pay you well for it.

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