Should I Get a New Roof Before Selling My House?

Are you looking to put your home on the market, but you’re wondering if you should install a new roof first? This is a common concern of homeowners with aging roofs above their heads. 

The short answer to the question “should I get a new roof before selling my house” is this: not unless it’s necessary. However, a new roof can bring about several benefits while you are in the process of selling. 

From generally making your home look much better to selling your house more quickly, buyers and sellers alike can realize the value of a new roof. 

Keep reading to learn all the pros and cons of replacing your roof before making your final decision. 

Pros of Getting a New Roof

When you are looking to sell your house, there are always many renovations that you begin adding to your to-do list. For many homeowners, replacing their roofs is often on that list. 

An old, saggy, or leaking roof can scare off potential buyers and take money away from your final price. Most homes can benefit from a new roof when it comes time to sell. 

Sell Your Home Fast 

One of the biggest pros of replacing your roof is the ability to sell your home more quickly. A home with good curb appeal almost always sells faster and at a better price for the seller.

A new roof can also help you avoid inspection issues and ensure that your potential buyers won’t back out due to problems with your roof. 

Increase Property Value 

The status of your roof seriously affects the way potential buyers think about your home. Most roofs today get about 20 years of wear before they must be replaced. 

If your roof is aging or showing problems such as cracked shingles and leaks, a new roof can increase your property value before you sell. 

Cons of Getting a New Roof 

Of course, a new roof does have its cons as well. Particularly, these cons involve time and money spent. Even though a new roof can have great financial benefits, sometimes it can cost more than it’s worth. 

The last thing you want to happen after replacing your roof is to find out that you never should have installed a new one in the first place. Considering the cost and effort going into this project will help you avoid this heartache. 

It Takes Money

A new roof cost may add up to just $5,000 or upwards of $15,000. It all depends on the square footage, pitch, penetrations, warranty, and any labor that is needed beforehand. 

Luckily, most roofing companies are willing to give you a quote for free before you find out the hard way how much your new roof costs. Learn more here about your free estimate. 

It Takes Time

On top of money, it also takes time to replace a roof. If you are looking to sell your home extra quickly, you may feel as though replacing a roof would take too much time to complete. 

Talk to your local roofing contractor at Mighty Dog Roofing in Glenshaw about the amount of time it may take to replace your roof. If you are in a pinch, they may be able to come up with a personalized plan to get you your new roof in just a couple of days.

Consider Installing a New Roof 

After weighing the pros and cons, you may have decided that installing a new roof is in your near future. Don’t be surprised if you reap even more benefits than discussed in this article. 

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