4 Most Popular Card Games To Play Online

Playing cards first appeared in Europe back in the 1370s, somewhere in Italy or Spain. Since then cards have been heavily used in many different things from artistry, magic, and of course playing games. Card games are the main pillar of the casino industry just because most of the high-popular games are based on cards.

Over the years, we’ve seen many different variations of card games, and new ones come out every year. However, some of the old favorites remain the same (at least with some tweaks), and in today’s article, we will highlight some of the most popular card games that can bring you hours of fun online.


We start off with the ultimate card game that can be found in every land-based and online casino on the planet. Blackjack is not only the most popular casino table game but also has one of the highest return to player (RTP) of all table games. This is one of the reasons why Blackjack is the first choice for most players that want to play online casino games.

There are many different variants of Blackjack, but in most the premise is the same there are only small changes in the rules.

Blackjack has simple rules that might appeal to beginners, but if you want to improve your win rate, you need to dig deeper into the complex set of strategies.


Here we have another simple casino game that is also one of the most popular table games in every casino. The source of its popularity comes from the simplicity of the betting choices, as well as the low house edge which allows you to earn more money.

Baccarat or otherwise known as Punto Banco is fun to play a game of chance where your win rate depends on how lucky you are.

With Baccarat there are no significant strategies that can change your playstyle, you only can improve how you manage your funds with no effect on the outcome of the game. The only strategy that you’ve probably heard is to never bet on the Tie since it rarely happens.

There are many online casinos like TwinSpires that have many different versions of online Baccarat, including the live dealer option. You can also find other fun online games, as TwinSpires Casino has a huge selection of the best video slots.

Video Poker

Video poker is probably the only game that involves cards, but it is not played on a table. Instead, it’s played on a machine just like slots.

At first sight, the game might feel lonely and boring, but the playstyle of poker will keep you on your hot seat for hours. On top of that, video poker has a much higher RTP than other games coming at an average of 99.5%.

Video poker features the same set of rules as traditional poker played at the table, but at a faster pace since you are playing against a machine. This is great for those who love playing poker but don’t have the time to sit down and wait for opponents to join the table or to make a decision.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Now we move to a more familiar ground for beginners. Texas Hold’em Poker is a game where you can play only against the dealer, and there is no point in bluffing since the dealer.

The best thing is that the dealer plays until the end so you have a higher chance of winning some money.

Since this is an algorithm-making decision, it is hard to predict the outcome of the game. All you need to do is activate your poker senses and hope to defeat the dealer.

Some online casinos even offer poker with real people or live poker, which is great for people who want to socialize and play against actual humans. This is a great way to play some cards and have fun with people who share similar interests like you.

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