10 Best Street Food Dishes to Try in Bali

The sunny weather and lovely beaches are the first things that spring to mind when you think about Bali. This, however, would be a rather simple view of Bali, given that it is a year-round tropical resort with a diverse range of activities to appeal to a wide range of people. Bali has something for everyone, whether you enjoy the ocean, jungles, history, culture, or simply meeting some of the most fascinating people on the planet. Street food scenes are another important aspect of Bali vacation. It has one of Southeast Asia’s most admired culinary diversity, and if you’re a foodie planning a trip to the region, you’ll be happy to learn that a tiny slice of culinary heaven awaits you on the lovely streets of Bali. All these mouth watering cuisines, you can enjoy by choosing our Bali package as it will be a tour worth cherishing. Learn about some of the best street cuisine in Bali, Indonesia that you must try.


  1. Sate Lilit

Sate Lilit is a traditional Balinese dish that can be found in most restaurants and street food booths. It simply refers to skewered grilled meat. However, due to Indonesia’s love of meat, this popular dish is available in a range of meats, the most common of which are beef, hog, fish, and chicken. You’ll be blown away by the varied forms of preparation utilised by the sellers, as well as the blend of condiments used to give it extra robust flavours, thanks to the culinary diversity throughout the island. It’s a common sight on the streets, and it’s something you should try on your Bali packages booked with Pickyourtrail.





  1. Bakso

Bakso is another popular street meal not only in Bali, but in almost any Indonesian city you will visit. They’re meatballs in a hot broth, but most sellers prefer to offer them with fried dumplings and noodles all in one pot. Vendors push food around on the streets in portable carts, and when you’re not on the streets, you’ll probably see them on customised motorcycles declaring their presence in the area.



  1. Jinggo nasi

If you’ve had a night out and are hungry the next day, nasi jinggo will always be the first thing that comes to mind. It’s a rice meal with vegetables, shredded chicken, fried tempeh, shredded coconut, and a slew of other ingredients. All of these are combined and carefully packed in a banana leaf, and only little amounts are supplied. As a result, it’s a great on-the-go snack for most tourists, and despite the fact that it comes in small servings, it’s incredibly filling, so don’t eat too many if you want to keep sampling Bali’s street cuisine.

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  1. Bulan terang (a unique pancake)

Terang bulan is a sort of pancake that is thought to have been designed for the military, although it is now regarded as a traditional Balinese dessert. It looks like a regular pancake, but it’s made with palm margarine and coconut milk for a Balinese twist. If you buy it from a street vendor, you may always ask for crushed peanuts, sweet corn kernels, or cheese to add to the flavour.




  1. Pisang rai

Because Bali is a tropical country, it produces some of the world’s greatest bananas, thus you can expect to find a variety of banana-inspired snacks. One of them is Pisang rai. The snack consists of a banana that has been covered in a homemade rice batter and steamed or boiled before being topped with freshly

grated coconut. All these mouth watering exclusively traditionally authentic dishes of Indonesia you can easily get to try by choosing our customised Bali package.



  1. Lawar

Lawar is a rice dish with a variety of vegetables, meats, herbs, and coconut. It’s usually a filling dinner with the distinct flavour of jackfruits, which are one of the main ingredients. Lawar is always red, which is due to the fact that pig blood is one of its many rich constituents. The dinner can be served with roast pig or babi guling as a side dish, depending on where you obtain it.







  1. Nasi campur

It is a dish consisting of rice, eggs, meat, and veggies.When ordering rice, you can also specify the side foods you wish to accompany it, with tempeh, tofu, or sate being popular options.



  1. Nasi Tepeng

Nasi tepeng is another street delicacy that can be found in almost every food vendor in Bali. It’s a rice dish that’s served on banana leaves, and it’s a cross between porridge and rice. It may be served with jackfruit, eggplant, beans, or fried chicken, depending on the vendor.






  1. Fish head soup

Although fish head soup isn’t often mentioned when discussing Balinese street dishes, it is one of the hidden gems that many have yet to discover. If you enjoy seafood, this is a must-try while visiting Bali. The dish consists of a boiled fish head served with fried mackerel and rice on the side. The magic, on the other hand, is in the spices and tastes used to slow-cook the fish.



  1. Roasted Corn

When you’re waiting for the spectacular sunsets on the lovely beaches, sweet corn is the perfect snack. Fresh corn on the cob that has been grilled or roasted over charcoal is known as sweet corn. Corn is frequently brushed liberally with butter and other sauces before grilling to enhance its appealing flavour that tourists adore. You can add a barbecue sauce or dry chilli to the already fantastic flavours while it’s being served.

The best part is that these are not the only dishes that you get to try but are some of the major attractions from a long food list that we have tried to present before you. A very wise person once said, “Travel, as money will return but time won’t.” keeping this in mind, come enjoy one of the best places that will unfold many magical moments, fill your travel bucket list  with another marvel, Bali. Get the best customised offers as per your suitability by checking our Bali packages.

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