Your Quick Guide to Wheelchair Ramps for Your Home

If a family member is struggling with temporary or permanent mobility issues, it’s a good idea to consider installing wheelchair ramps for your home. Ramps are also easier to navigate than stairs if your loved one uses crutches or has trouble balancing or going up and down steps. Here is a quick guide to help you navigate your options for ramps.

Portable vs. Permanent Ramps

Permanent ramps make sense if the mobility issues are there for the long term, such as would be the case for paralysis or permanent musculoskeletal injuries. Installing a permanent ramp can be more expensive and time-consuming, but they offer advantages over temporary ramps. For example, they can cover longer distances and include turns. Permanent ramps are also built for durability and longevity.

Portable ramps are an excellent solution if the mobility issues are temporary. For example, someone may be temporarily wheelchair-bound because of a broken leg. A portable ramp can make your home instantly accessible, and it’s easy to install. 

Modular Ramps Offer Versatility

You can find modular ramps made of aluminum, which can be customized for your home. These modular ramps can work with odd stairs and odd turns. Thanks to its interchangeable sections, it’s easy to adjust the ramp as needed. 

When you customize the modular ramp to fit your home, be sure to follow all instructions precisely. The angle of the ramp can’t be too steep, or it will create a safety hazard. You may also need to install other mobility aids, such as rails. 

Consider Affordable Temporary Ramps

Not every mobility problem is permanent. Sometimes you only need a wheelchair ramp for a limited time. When that’s the case, renting a ramp might be better. You can do this if the mobility issues are temporary or if you’re considering moving to a more accessible home soon. 

Renting a temporary wheelchair ramp allows you to test out the waters while you’re planning to decide what to do in the long term. It also lets you test drive the style of ramp you need, allowing you to adjust as needed. 

If mobility is an issue, using wheelchair ramps for home is a great way to improve accessibility. A temporary ramp can be a good initial solution, while modular ramps offer the most versatility. Portable ramps are usable for travel or visiting other homes, while permanent ramps are the sturdiest, time-tested option.

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